Love Letters

Flourishing at a time when it doesn’t seem like you will

A love letter from God


Relax, dear heart, I will bring everything that you need and you won’t be without. I will comfort you, like the unconditional and unending maternal love that comforts a child. You will be held, nourished and well supplied, regardless of how it looks at this time. 


I have taken you into a transformative path that will completely change your life to be better than you have dreamed instantaneously. My promise of wealth will emerge to turn around the unsettling and troublesome difficulties. 


Truly, My beloved child, you will see an unexpected emergence of blessings in the midst of the sorrow that is threatening you at this present moment. So don’t get distracted by how things look or seem, but concentrate on what I have promised to deliver. 


Even in this time that seems to be swallowed by scarcity, I will cause you to flourish in a way that seems utterly impossible. From the drought that clings to the soil, I will cause the beauty of My sparkling wealth to cover over the bleak looking landscape. 


Despite the vanishing branches of support and the water that appears to have run dry from diminishing streams of assistance, I will deliver My promise to you and cause you to become an overnight success story. 


Darling one, I will prove to you that My vows can be put to test and proven as true. I will protect you from getting hurt as I cover you with the deepest of care and kindest concern. 


Forget about how impossible it looks to survive at this time and stay in a mind-set of gratitude for the big and small things that have been given. You are increasing now, loveliest one, as I cause you to be filled with even more than you originally thought. 


Shake away the foreboding thoughts of what could come and ignore the chants that claim that destruction is going to be done. Instead of suffering as it looks, you will be blessed more than you have ever seen or considered. 


You have already entered into the change that you are needing, even though there doesn’t appear to be anything happening. Expect a surprise to knock at the door, because I am not holding anything back anymore! 


This time that seems like the end, is actually where the beauty of My promise begins to fully flourish. 


Things are not as they look or seem…When a cotton plant’s life appears to be over, as the crimson bloom withers away with decay, it is the beginning of the rich harvest that the plant was created for. 


Just a cotton plant appears to wither away and enter into decay after the flower no longer holds a bloom, the appearance of lack is only an indication that the abundance is emerging out at this moment. 


The arrival of the prophesied blessing will be so unexpected, as I cause unbelievable wealth to emerge during a time that doesn’t seem possible. 


Behold, My treasured child, I am delivering superabundantly more blessings your way and they will show up at any given moment. I will bring you a smile that spreads from ear to ear, as I melt your troubles away and wipe away your tears. 


The attacks that have come against you have only caused you to multiply and prosper. Instead of experiencing suffering and lack, you’ll be blessed with an overflow of My stored up goodness. 


Like endless storehouses in the sky, I have more than enough ways to provide. I will show you the power of My support, as I lead you through this time that is rich and full of wonders of My unfathomable comforts. 


Beloved, don’t worry about a thing. You are not going to suffer or be without. This is the emergence of your harvest, and not the time where help runs out. My promise will show up all by itself. Like a cotton plant that splits open to expose the cotton inside when it is ripe, I am giving you the fullness of harvest time. 


Just breathe, cherished one. Like cotton flowers flying away after the catkins, everytime that you let go and trust in what I say, you are having faith that moves away the mountains. 


Even better blessings are coming, so stay hopeful–without a trace of fear–as you anticipate My rescue to appear. 


Let go of the thoughts of scarcity and enter into the gratitude of abundance from Me. Even more extraordinary blessings will unfold as beautiful miracles occur to change the atmosphere and eliminate your struggles. 


Hope and anticipate the best to be done and allow your imagination to soar into faith as you trust Me for more than enough. Confidently ask for what you seek and trust that is already on its way to you. I will show up to give you even better! 


I will show you a beautiful fulfillment that defies the dreadful circumstances that you are in. You will prosper immensely in the midst of adversity, as I cause My love for you to completely change the season into uncommon blessings. 


Like a cotton plant that cracks open with luxurious cotton for the richest garments, I will cause My wealth to extend to you, and cause the barren landscape to transform into the snow-covered allurement of cotton blooming. 


Walk through this time with full anticipation of the wonders that I will perform for you, especially during the seemingly unfavorable outlooks. I am bringing you into an abundance that exceeds even your most magnificent dreams–and you’ll always have plenty consistently! 


I will cause a sudden surprise to spring up, that will leave you startled by the vastness of My provisional love. You will flourish delightfully in the face of adversity, as I reveal the fulfillment of what I promised would be. 


Endless possibilities will open up to you, to present you with the most stunning gifts! The words that I have given to you will bloom and flourish to be a dream come true. Instead of suffering like it seems like you would, you’ll flourish and be filled, like cotton revealing white balls everywhere! 


I will do far beyond the outcome that you have envisioned. I will send you even more–as I make this time to be one that you truly love and treasure! 


Expect unexpected wealth to show up, as I fulfill My promises of rich support and well being over your life. This captivating moment will capture your attention, as I deliver more than enough than you will even need. 


Believe in the endless support of My promise and trust in this unique path that I have taken you through. You are in such a season, where hidden wealth will bloom in significance, like a cotton bolls opening to reveal the stored away riches within. 


In this time where help seems impossible to receive, surely it will be more plentiful than you can even dream. Get ready to witness My prosperity promise unfolding into your life! 


This will truly be something you have never seen before, as beauty comes suddenly in the midst of opposite conditions. Instead of suffering with despair and agony, you will flourish lavishly at a time when it doesn’t seem like you will.



Scribed by Dannette



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