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It was as if we were dreaming


The last update that I shared, I wrote from an unfamiliar library in a town that God had us stay. We had checked out of our hotel room and it looked like a dead-end path with no way to survive. Even though God had made me a promise to show up and bring us into a beautiful place to stay, I could not wrap my mind around how God could help us. 


It was so scary because I felt so alone in such an unfamiliar town and state. I didn’t know my way around and when the library closed, I sat in the car and kept telling myself that God would show up. I had to avoid worrying about how much gas I could keep in the car in the heat of summer or how we would survive.


I had to keep telling myself that God was there and that He wouldn’t forget us or abandon His promise. After all, He took us here and where God guides, He also provides. I think the scariest part was not being in a place that was familiar and not being able to see “how” God could ever help us. 


It was beyond uncomfortable to endure and I had to ignore the pain that was trying to rise up from the anxious pressure of the moment. Then, God started to encourage me to “thank Him” as though He had already come through for us and to stay in a mindset of gratitude and celebration. I knew that I had to ignore every feeling or thought of fear because it would consume me with grief, agony, and unbelief. 


Every road seemed blocked and I could not think of a single way that God could help us. Yet I was getting these reminders from God that He would rescue and that He was going to take us someplace nice, the same as before. 


All through the day, the Lord kept highlighting a specific person’s name to me, but I didn’t believe it because it didn’t seem likely at all. It just didn’t make sense in my mind how this person would choose to help, because it was someone who God has recently called to deliver help from God’s promised love support. 


My own mental limitations were becoming an enemy to my faith…


So I was surprised when I received a sudden message from this person and the money that we needed to go back to the beautiful place where God had us before. On my way to pick up the provisions for the next refuge from God, there was a very specific number that God showed me, as promise of what He would deliver. 


Yet, I didn’t believe it because it didn’t seem likely at all. However, I was corrected by God when the exact amount that He showed me showed up just like He said that it would. God took us back the delightful place and we were blessed with 2 nights in the loveliest room that we adored. 


I had to repent for “not believing” because I was too focused on all the ways that it couldn’t be possible, instead of thinking about how it would be possible. God is always Sovereign. 


Last night, I was praying about what to do next because God had shown me that He was moving us again. Then God highlighted a certain name to me…again…and I did not believe…again. 


I couldn’t understand and therefore I ruled it out as a way that God could bless us and uphold His promise to be our home and endless river of support. But then that person that God had revealed to me had contacted me, out of the blue, and at just the exact perfect time. 


This time God really shocked me because He put it in this person’s heart to put us into a resort hotel for 4 nights. Every detail was covered and all we had to do was show up! God went over all of my unbelief and my logical understanding to perform a miracle that really put all doubt in its place. 


The Lord moved us on the top of a mountain and gave us luxurious comforts at the loveliest resort. It was all completely free for us from God and I am still rubbing my eyes in disbelief and absolute amazement! 


It has super comfy beds, a washer and dryer, a full kitchen, a Jacuzzi tub, a fireplace, a full kitchen, and the most spectacular balcony view of the tree tops from the top of the mountain. It has felt like Heaven on earth and it is just like God promised–a lavish place from His intentional love. 




My most favorite part is there are photos of hot air balloons rising into the sky, above the Jacuzzi tub and that is exactly what I feel that God did for us. 



He lifted us up out of the place of sitting in the library waiting on the love rescue that God promised and up into to the mountainous views that have fully captivated my attention. 


It is funny because God kept showing me that He was going to show us a “wealthy” experience from the fierce fiery testing, but I (also) didn’t believe it because I couldn’t figure out the solution for myself or understand “how”. 


I am really learning a lot about the dangers of overthinking lol! My lesson from this encounter was to not worry about “how” but just to trust and believe without having to see the full path ahead. 


Overthinking and over-analyzing can be very harmful to faith. Instead of judging whether or not it is possible based on what makes sense to our minds, it is better to just expect God to show up and not worry about how it can be done. 


Instead of feeling the frustration of trying to figure out how God can do it or whether or not if “feels” like it is possible, it is better to just celebrate the fulfillment at hand and trust that God has already gone before you to open the door and make it happen. 


May we all have the simple and trusting faith of a child to believe that God will and can do exactly as He has promised. 


I love you so much


 It was as if we were dreaming— ♡





Now to the God who can do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine through the power at work in us Ephesians 3:20

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