Love Letters

A Change Has Come

A love letter from the Father



By the willows of My promise, you wept, when comforts were so far away. Staggering and stumbling on the brink of exhaustion, you were brokenhearted and hurting from the pebbles under your feet and the harsh winds stinging your face. 


Yet, you trusted in Me and leaned in closer, as I led you through the landscapes beyond the troubles and sorrows. The valley had a purpose despite how it felt, to take you into the wide open places of always having more than enough. 


The soothing sounds of My songs softened your heart, as I used the fleeting moment of grief to pave a way for a brand new life. Although it seemed like you were being broken with trouble, you were actually venturing into all that you have ever wanted and dreamed about. 


Come, My darling little child, and rest here by My side. I will not loosen My hand of support and protection from over your life. I will save you, just as all the times before, and I will catch you in My arms, just in the nick of time. 


The haunted memories of traveling through the scariest of times will be washed away and the sounds of warfare will forever leave your mind. Come, My dear heart, and lean into My peace. 


I have given you a promise of what I would do and you can trust that I will never give up on you. Like a tree is connected to the roots, you are One with the power of My all-present words. 


You are giving birth to a whole new life with all of your fondest dreams coming out from the inside. Breathe, My child, and stay rooted beside Me. You are like a tree planted by the streams that will not be moved or harmed in any way. 


Remember My promise, as you recenter your focus. Go deeper into the knowing what will be done. My promise to you will suddenly burst to the surface and open a path of generous plenitude to you experience. 


A change has come, My dearest one, to take you from feeling down and out and into a season of smiles. These sorrows and difficulties that you have endured, have taken your roots deeper into trusting and depending on My ever-personal love. 


Just as the roots of a willow grow down first and then spread out immensely in every direction, the suffering of going so low is now stretching out into a myriad of blissful blessings. 


The humbling path of the “road less traveled” was difficult, I know. However, it is the humility that preceded the lavish honor that I am giving to you now.


A change of new and improved has come for you and it is a change that will always be with you. I will cause the promise to unfold right before your eyes, as I change your life for the better–over and over again. 


It brings Me great pleasure to take you up into the dreams of your heart and to cause a river of My goodness to wash the hard times away. 


My beautiful one, lift up your eyes to see this time from above. The new day of My proclaimed blessings are breaking out before you now. You are giving birth to the dream that you have loved so much! 


Darling, you can trust this promise to open up, regardless of what it feels like right now. Unfurl yourself to rest in My love and be at one with all that I have promised. The wistful, wind-swept trees of My profound support will reveal the intentionality of My heart for you even more deeply now. 


Despite how it looks at this moment, all of My blessings are flowing fast to deliver a victorious change for you! You’ll be in awe as the structural details open up, and you will behold the sweetest mixture of melancholy tears leaving and a joyous fulfillment blooming. 


Relax, My treasure, you have nothing to fear or worry about. I have you completely protected during this time and there is no calamity or bad news that can reach you. I will give you all that you have asked–and I will honor My vows. 


I’ll ease your mind here, My child, and comfort you from the pain of walking so low. Truly you will witness My greatness as the need and sorrows of poverty vanish forever. 


I am putting you in a high place, and giving you wings to do anything! You’ll love how wonderful this becomes, and I will take you straight to the loveliest place to call home again. 


So thank Me in advance, darling child, for you will surely see the grandest demonstrations of My marvelous love unfolding. I will pour out the richest rewards for all you have suffered and I will elevate your name in complete honor. 


You will love how sweet this becomes, and I will give you favor with all that come close. Instead of going down lower, like the roots of a willow, you are spreading out in every direction, as I increase you with My prosperous support systems. 


Like the roots of a weeping willow creating a network of roots that expand, I am causing a multitude of help to come to your aid. You will have an exceedingly fast and wide growth, as I change your life overnight. 


Although you were weeping while you walked and planted rows of tears from the hardships, you have survived the narrow path and now I will deliver you a brand new life from the cuttings, like a willow tree. 


The world will soon see why I have loved and chosen you as I have! Like a weeping willow with glistening dancing branches, you’ll captivate every audience that you are given. 


In an instant, you’ll be carried to the top with explosive growth and I will care for you deeply beside the lush, fertile soil. You’ll flourish in ways that will leave you amazed, as the caterpillar flowers  appear in the the most whimsical way.


Beloved, hold nothing back as you trust Me completely. My love support to you will never run out and I will refill you again and again without failure. Soon you’ll see the change that I am announcing, as your eyes behold the wondrous new land that awaits you. 


Everything is changing, My dear, and you will experience bigger impacts than you ever have. So many changes will come all at once, as I bathe your life in the joyous completion of My promise. 


From the tear drops pouring down like raindrops on weeping willows branches, it will be as if you were dreaming when you see what happens. 


I will do the remarkable as this promise lands. The change that you have been waiting for has come and instead of being down and out, you’ll expand out into more honor and wealth than you have ever imagined. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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