Love Letters

Wildest Dreams Come True

A love letter from the Father



Come, come with Me, loveliest one. I will take you into a wonderland, where all of your dreams began and where they will be fulfilled. Like flower seeds in the hands of a planter, put faith in your hopes and believe that I can make anything happen! 


Darling heart, don’t be afraid of humiliation and pain, when you trust in Me with shining hope and expectation, I will honor you and cause those hopes to come out. 


Beloved, it is never too late to see your dreams come to the surface. So let go of the fearful doubts of resistance and completely conclude that this is going to happen. 


You have passed the tests of faith and you are qualified to receive all that you claim. Be unwavering in trust that you will see a miracle be done–even in a flicker of a passing moment. 


My cherished flower, I have given you wings to see these things be done and you have been given favor to fly into all that you have prayed for coming to pass. 


Allow Me to take your hand and lead you back the forgotten pastures of all that you have dreamed to come. I will surely meet you there–in the place of all abandoned faith–with the fulfillment that you are hoping for. 


My dear, you can have what you have prayed for, so never be afraid of your hopes being rejected or ignored. Look for the glimmers of hope of your dreams coming true and allow that to be the inspiration that you need to believe that this will open up to you! 


Lovely heart, never accept less than you hope for. I have given you the freedom to reinvent yourself into all that you have been dreaming for. I will envelop you with My glory and cause the design that you have dreamed to come out into the open–all of the sudden. 


Let go of every thought of this not being done and allow your highest hopes to cause your fondest dreams to come. Truly, I will move quicker than you can imagine, as we venture through the cloud shaped flowers of a dreamy wonderland opening up. 


My dearest darling, do not doubt in your heart for a moment, but believe that what you have requested is going to happen. Have unmovable confidence and steadfast reliance—as you trust Me to deliver a miracle and take away every mountain. 


Lean all the way into your hopes being done and feel the excitement that you have what you have been longing for. Allow nothing to hold you back, as you trust in the movement of My all-present love to make the impossible become possible! 


With an undisturbed heart, I will cause you to laugh again. You’ll be brand new, as the beauty of your dreams come into fruition, like leaves twirling in a dance to the ground. Your world will be wrapped in the glow of pink, as the sunrise of My promise breaks over your life to change everything. 


This is the start of sweet fulfillment beyond description, as you are drenched in cherry blossoms of dreams emerging and the warm glow of My grace consuming everything that you have been hoping. 


You will encounter the sweetest gift of My intentional love, as I cause your dreams to become tangible. It will be more delightful than a fresh picked gala apple, as My power causes the sustenance of life to appear before you with indescribable sweetness. 


I will hold you up and give you the fulfillment that you dream to be, as the caterpillar finally transforms into a breathtaking butterfly. I’ll take you up into the highest blessings–as your bright wings shimmer and shine from the glorious power of My greatness. 


I will cause your dreams to rise to life, as you fly through the sky with My miracle grace. Above the troubles of the ground, you’ll rise into your dreams like stepping into a Kingdom above the clouds. 


You’ll forget the sorrows of the uncomely time and that shame that made you want to cry, as you are caressed by the comforted winds of beauty moving from Me. I have given you the freedom to fly into the winds of change, My love is moving things now. My love is happening. 


You’ll swerve through the cumulus clouds that you have held in your heart and I will ensure that you touch the brightest stars and reach the greatest heights. 


The dreams that you have planted are sprouting up and the wings of fulfillment are rapidly unfolding now. You will see My glory materialize over your life, and cause your wildest dreams to come into fulfillment. 


Majestically your vision will erupt into the star filled night and you will no longer wonder whether or not I could make things right. With a fistful of flowers from a hand picked bouquet, I will give you the fulfillment of your wildest dreams to put on display. 


Instead of collecting painful memories and deep disappointments, you’ll be gathering dreams as you travel into the wild side of faith made tangible. Your wildest dreams are coming true and they will appear out of nowhere to rescue you. 


With an unfading smile, you’ll be taken by surprise! I will open up the life that you have been dreaming to know, and the impact of this moment will be utterly unforgettable. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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