Love Letters

Counting the Uncountable

A love letter from the Father



Come after Me as you follow My lead into a brand-new encounter. We’ll venture down to the sea where storm once raged, to collect the rewards for your sorrows of walking against the grain by faith. 


You are safe, beloved one, there is no need to feel the terror of experiencing the same anguish again. I have covered you in My comfort and protection and things will never be the same as they have. 


Travel lightly, My dear, as you roll all of your fears and needs over to Me. Give Me the noise of the seemingly never-ending cycles of attacks and the fears of suffering the same horrible events all over again. 


Run to Me, when the dread of suffering the same way again overcomes your lungs. I will meet you with the care of My love, as I show you that I am the Refuge that you can trust. 


Follow Me into the full circle of your promises fulfilled. I will show you the prophetic materialization of all that I proclaimed would be done. 


Bow your worries into My hands, as your heart curls into a surrendered and trusting posture of peace in who I am. I will usher you into the fulfillment that you crave, as you find rest in My home of absolute security and soothing grace.


Return your wanding mind to the place where it is just you and Me and all of the plans that I have shown that would happen. Sink deep into the place of being completely enveloped in My care and support. Feel the deep connection to My words of great peace and rest in knowing that everything will be different from here on out. 


Let Me quiet your uneasy thoughts with gentle whispers of what to expect. I am soothing the pain away, as I tell you how intentionally I’ll show My love.


Like a lily opening up with peace, open your heart to believe that this will turn out just like I said that it would. Fall in love with the dreams that I have given you, as we move with the sea of endless possibilities into the new. 


Let the rhythm of My generous comforts wash away the melancholic sorrows of your soul. I’ll hold you close as you are wrapped in My love, never to walk through those life-threatening situations again. 


Things won’t get worse, but each day they will only improve to be better and better. Believe My words, My treasured heart, and think that you will no longer get hurt by the storm. You’ll leave the familiar place of struggle, as a life more beautiful than words unfolds for you. 


Do you realize, My cherished one, that the events that I have foretold could show up at any moment? Be ready for it to happen! Everything is flowing marvelously to help you now, don’t you see My darling child? I have removed the oppositions that you had, to deliver you an immersing of more than enough. 


In the same place where your tears poured out, you will find the unfathomable blessings of My endless love. I am giving you the peace that comes with My abundant support, as you wave goodbye to the hardships that were pressed against your throat.


The tides of My Love are washing away the old and bringing out a surprising new start. I will comfort your wounds with the elixir of My fulfilled words, as promises emerge to cover you from head to toe. 


The storm is passing now, My child, it was never meant to stay long-term. The clouds have already been pushed out and soon you’ll see the radiant beams of tangible hopes shining over you with fulfillment. 


I am opening an indulgence to you, as you feast on hidden wealth that seems too wonderful to be true. You’ll arrive at the coast of dreams come true, to collect the secret hordes of riches that were uncovered from the storm. 


The rising waves that were against you have been turned and I have charged the same attacks to bless you with twice the amount. The broken glass that brought you pain is coming back to you as uncountable blessings to change everything in an instant. 


This is the moment when My calming love adorns you. You’ll be carefully covered in an inexplorable wave of hidden abundance, as I nestle you in a secure canopy of being held in My ever-present love. and promises 


 I will leave you in awe and amazed, as you behold the shoreline of indescribable beauty. A land of dreams is coming to the surface, as the stealth of My stored-up wealth suddenly appears to create new love-filled memories for you. 


Instead of being bandaged and bruised from the onslaught of raging waves, you’ll be counting the uncountable with unimaginable blessings and treasure troves of opulent support. With a sweet cadence flow, the rewards of your trust and obedience are flowing out. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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