Love Letters

You will receive the gift you desire

A love letter from the Father



My dear heart, you always have a Friend in Me and I am here to comfort you from the storms that you have had to face. From the place where I spoke My promise, a bubbling fountain is rising up to bring the change you have been praying about. 


Beloved, don’t be afraid of what else will come. Instead of the dizzying times of movement and chaos, I am giving you a gift that will restore solace and stillness. Have no worries about your needs, I will be right there looking after you and covering everything. I will never leave your side nor will I ever fail to honor all that I have proclaimed. 


My flower, you can water the gardens of others, but don’t deprive your own. Take some time to recover from the struggles that you have had and treat yourself to a time of much-needed respite. Allow yourself to come out of the alertness of bare survival, and let your tears fall down as I cleanse away the wounds of sorrow that you have endured. 


Don’t work so hard, and don’t rush into the next obligation. Take some time to breathe and enjoy this time with Me. I will tenderly care for you and carefully manage everything. Place your trust in Me as the bubbling Fountain to provide the refreshment that you need. 


I will bring the relief that you need, like a fresh breath of oxygen into your lungs. I will never leave your side–My promise hasn’t changed. You can rest assured that the gifts that I have promised are well on their way. 


I am bringing an intense calm to the storms of your life, to give you the richness of peace that you have needed for so long. I will be the Refuge to make you lavishly comfortable and the warmth to make you feel safe and secure.


You’ll be given a gift from Me that will allow you to take a well-needed break, as you await the treasured fulfillment of a massive promise to add the icing to the cake. A fountain of My loving support is starting to flow, as a joyful river that knows no bounds. I will bring you the peaceful surroundings that you have been waiting for that will ensure that you weep no more. 


I will be there to take care of you, just as I promised. I will bring you into the fullness of My promise—and it will always be yours—like a real Home. I have every detail perfectly planned out, so rest in the timing of every step. 


Never underestimate the power that flows from your decision of trust. You have been granted My approval to draw up anything that you want in your life when you believe that things are already yours. Turn the negatives in your life into an upward positive abundance through faith. Everything will change in a sudden moment to turn your hardships into materialized gold. 


Allow your hopeful anticipations to open your heart to receive the gift that I am sending. My love will flow through you like a river of endless blessings.


Detach yourself from every limiting belief of doubt and lack, as you trust in My miracle Fountains to flow in to replenish your life and turn the tide. Delver deeper into beleiving in a sudden positive change, as you count on Me to be the miracle Fountain that you can always enjoy. 


Remember, My beautiful child, there are infinite ways that I can provide. Don’t limit what I can do. I am full of surprises, so always have hope and anticipation of an outcome that delivers the greatest joy to you!


Expect big things as you tell yourself that you will receive the gift that you have desired. Dream big and always think that something wonderful is about to happen. You will surely see this all come to pass because I will always have your back! 


You will receive the gift that you desire to have and it will be accomplished effortlessly! Because it is given from Me, as I deliver My love and support to you like a Fountain that provides all in all. The challenges and adversities that you have faced are instantly transforming into a place of solace as you are immensely blessed. The life that you have always wanted is starting to flow out.


This time is full of endless possibilities. Instead of being beaten down and battered by attacks, you’ll be lifted into a place so triumphant and still from My Sovereign hand. I will do far greater than you have dreamed, as the gifts of My love accumulate until they overflow. 


You will receive the gift that you desire–because I said so! Fountains of My miraculous support are bubbling up to cause every blessing that you have imagined to become fully tangible. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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