Love Letters

The wait is almost over

A love letter from the Father



Breathe, My dearest heart, and remember how far I have taken you and how I said this would all turn out. You didn’t come this far just to be let down or to have your hopes dashed to the ground. Rather, I will see you through it all and I will cover all that matters to you in the gentleness of My loving concern. 


I will be there to honor My words and everything will happen, just as I said that it would. With the most comforting love and pain-absorbing embrace, I will lavishly support all of your needs and give you the outcome that you deeply long to see. 


I will be a strong shelter for you, so please don’t cry and don’t worry. I will be there on the front line to fight against those who are against you. I will take you up into the fulfillment that I have shown and I will make everything so much better than it ever has been before. 


My precious child, remember the vision that I have promised and imagine that you are already there in the safety of My comforts. Feel the wonderful bliss of being secure with more than enough for every need, as the weight off of your shoulders finally lifts into peace.


Beloved, let the blossoms bud forth, as you release the doubts and fears that are lurking in the shadows. It’s time to heal the anguish that you have endured and let go of the painful memories that you have carried through this journey. 


Trust that everything is different this time, as you allow those doubts and fears to ascend into the light. Just close your eyes to what you have known, as you focus all of your attention on the loving promise that I have shown. 


The seeds of My love are coming out, like promises fulfilled as plentiful orchards. Come and find rest in the affections and care of My personal love as you settle your heart to trust Me to deliver all that you need to you. 


You are getting a brand new start as the long season of restraint and anticipation opens up into a full release of freedom and sweetness. The promise is blossoming into spring–all because you chose to trust Me and believe. 


I am bringing you into a fruitful time, where you will feast on the prosperity of My promises. Truly, My beloved one, the best is coming out and the long-suffering that you have endured is coming to an end, even sooner than you can comprehend.


Everything is falling into place for you like sun-ripened apples falling to the ground without any plucking or pulling them down. Your hopes and dreams are coming to fruition and soon you will receive the good news that you have been waiting on. 


My dear, didn’t I say that you would behold the glory of this promise, as the blossoms of My love proclaimed the new breath of beauty? I will ensure that you forget about your hardships, and never again will cry through the night from your distresses. 


Neither will there be the weariness of wilderness or war, as the apple blossoms of My promise usher in a sudden season change with all of their loving affections. Instead of scavenging for crumbs on the ground, you’ll be overwhelmed by branches weighted down with the sweetest fruit you have ever tasted. 


The wait is almost over, My precious heart. The trees of My Love are awaiting their moment, as the sweet smell of apple blossoms fills the air before the fruit or flower is visible. 


Seasons are overtaking seasons, as I cause surprise materializations to show up before you are ready. One promise fulfillment will happen on top of another–to change everything very rapidly.  


Everywhere you look there will be beauty! Instead of mourning the ruins and anguish, you’ll see glistening apple trees arrayed as treasures of endless love from Me.  


You’ll see things happen all of a sudden and so many promises will come out into the open. It will all happen so fast! You’ll be head over heels in love with tangible promises, as I roll out the orchards of fulfillment that you have been longing for. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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