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It is going to look impossible


It appeared like it was the end of the road for me. I could not see a possible way that God could keep His vow to be our home and an endless basket of support for this journey. 


Yet I believed that God knew what He was doing when He made me this promise. I trusted that He had gone before us to make a path for us to travel and a way to survive. After all, God has been my best friend through all of this and He has never failed to produce the outcomes that He has promised. 


During all of these years, before God has taken me to any city or place, He always told me where we would go. He also speaks to me in many mysterious ways, as the deepest love that I have ever known. 


So I knew that God had a very carefully planned path to take us on, but it was a challenge of my faith to not get distracted by how impossible looking everything seemed. 


Even though it looked like I was out of options, God was saying otherwise. God kept telling me that He was taking us into luxury and that we would experience a time of indulgence. 


That almost made me laugh because I was stranded in a huge city with no way to cover anything. I was just waiting for God to show up to honor His words since He promised it would be a “rescue”. 


I was talking to a dear friend about everything and she said that in times like this, God always said something to her from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show to indicate there would be a miracle. 


He would always lovingly say to her, “Look, nothing up My sleeve…now watch Me pull a rabbit out of My hat!”. 


Something about that really resonated with me and God confirmed to me that He would pull off a miracle…like making a rabbit appear out of thin air. So I started looking for “rabbits” aka “a miracle from God”. 


God indeed showed up with a miracle and delivered support from God to cover the next room. From that day onward, God would show me rabbits before a miracle would happen. 


He showed me 2 rabbits in the grass of a hotel just before He showed up to surprise us with the stay at the resort hotel. He showed me rabbits before someone surprised us with a fully paid room at a lovely hotel. It went on and on from there, as the miracles continued to appear. 


The thing is, God is ever-present and He walks with us and talks with us in our present situations. He is like the Husband that is so intimately close to us and He will always speak to us in many ways when we are open to trust and believe that He will and does. 


The other thing is, when God promises something will be a certain way or gives a promise of a miracle happening, it is always going to look like the opposite conditions until it suddenly “pops” out into fruition. 


That is why we must train ourselves to have a mindset of miracles and abundance and not surrender ourselves to the restraints of lack and being bound by the natural world’s limitations. 


Over and over again, it has looked like we would suffer with nothing or not be able to survive but then God would show up with a miracle and change everything in an instant. 


It is like being on a roller coaster because one second we are so low and then God suddenly causes us to shoot up with His miracle support. 


These past few days it looked like I could not get through again. I had gone as far as I could and there was no way to go further. It appeared as though I was at a dead end with no more streams of support. I had no one left that I could imagine helping us and every door was closed. 


At the same time, I was drowning with bills and needs. My phone bill was 3 months late and the bill was enormous. God promised to cover it, but He also tested my patience by having me wait and wait until the right time. 


Normally the company would have suspended my service after a month, but God kept my phone line active for 3 months before the promise showed up. My prayer was that my phone would not be cut off until I paid the bill. That is exactly what God did. 


I also had no idea how I was going to have a place to stay, but God promised to be my “Home” and He said that we were connected to an endless river of support. 


There was a door that I had been praying for God to open and trying to get opened for over 2 years for a small business grant. 


God surprised me out of nowhere and opened it up just enough to cover my massive phone bill and extend the place where we are all the way until Saturday morning. 


We showed up at this extremely beautiful place not seeing a way to stay longer than 3 days and since then, God has given us the miraculous provisions to be able to stay for 2 weeks. 


It looked impossible to survive, but God made it possible. God is able to fulfill His promise and He has unlimited ways to make it happen, even when it appears like there is no way to see it done. 


The problem is sometimes we doubt God’s power to honor His words and we put our faith in the natural circumstances that look the opposite of what God promised that they would be. 


If God promises a miracle change to you…then it is going to look the opposite of what was promised…until the miracle is born. It is like a baby being born, you cannot see that precious little baby until she comes out of where she was secretly growing. 


So my lesson from God during this time was not to look at how things seem to be or even how others predict. Look to what God promised and expect that promise to emerge exactly when you need it the most. 


God’s promises are like rabbits that hide in tunnels under the ground. You may not be able to see them, but they are there. At just the right time, they will emerge out of the blue and change the way that everything looks for you. 


Timing is also part of the miracle and I am so very thankful that it is. When it looks like everything is against what God promised, and things are contradictory to what He said they would be, then just celebrate! 


Because that means that you are about to see miracles show up from God, like rabbits emerging out of nowhere. It is going to look impossible until God makes it possible. That is how a miracle looks… ♡




Love, Dannette



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