Love Letters

This is the moment that was worth waiting for

A love letter from Jesus


Like a salmon that was born in the river but must take an unforgettable journey to its home in the sea, you are at a transformational point that will leave you endlessly in amazement for what I cause you to be. 


As the water levels rise with downpours of rain, the journey into upstream miracles begins to be fully seen. I am causing My glory to rise into your life and you will never be the same. 


 My bride will never be dressed in shame. There is a reason that you are different from those all around. You have been set apart so that I could make you to be one of the greatest leaders ever known. 


You are being lifted from being seen as the least to the most sought out. From the place of being criticized and cast out, you’ll become one of the most respected and honored of all. 


Just breathe deeply, My dear cherished bride. Feel My presence all around you. I am closer than your next inhale. You don’t have to be afraid of getting burned again because I am with you as your personal Saviour and very Best Friend. 


Just trust Me, beloved. I will always be your Home. The vows of My love will never end and I will never fail to show Myself. Allow your heart to beat to the rhythm of My endless giving love, as you lean upon Me as the Shepherd to carry you through this.  


I will be your endless Source to provide and I will shield you from the desires of your enemies. See, My beloved one, I have wrapped you in My all-encompassing light and I will hold you through this challenging time. 


Didn’t I always faithfully provide every need? My beloved, you can always depend on Me. You will look back to this day and be so happy and relieved. It is in this low and humbling place, where the richest treasures are received. 


You are closer to the end result than it looks, so don’t be discouraged by how difficult this has been. Keep pushing through with expectations of hope, as you swim like a salmon fighting the currents of fear and doubt. 


I will help you move forward, My dearest darling. Always remember that your fear is the opposite of My promise. You will see nothing less than My glory appear, as I bring you through a miracle that is unlike anything ever seen. 


I am so sorry for what you have been through, My beloved bride. I will make this right. I know how it feels to be alone and I will be with you to hold your hand and defend your name. 


Remember from where I have taken you and all that I have promised to do. Surely, I will save your life and show you the deep compassion that you were not shown. 


Rest assured, My cherished darling, the storm will pass and those troubles will be ending. I will hold you in safety and I’ll get you out of this difficulty in time. 


I love you, My dear, and I will reward you for trusting in Me through this vulnerable time. You will be engulfed in comfort, as I cause My goodness to be safe haven for your life. 


Instead of facing impoverished conditions or bitter attacks, you’ll be given the finest indulgences in an atmosphere of complete tranquility. My presence will make your dream a reality and My love will provide the nourishment that you need. 


Darling one, don’t you see that I have cornered you in a place that must be honored? Humility had to come first. I am giving you vengeance on your enemies by giving you a life-changing promotion. 


I am taking your tears and turning them into the most lavish garden from Me. You will be carried into a much calmer place, where I can restore your life and put a beaming smile on your face. 


This will undoubtedly be the most spectacular experience, as I give you exactly what you wanted and what you dreamed of receiving. You’ll be captivated by the soothing oasis, as I indulge your greatest expectations. 


Prepare to receive the most intimate and jaw-dropping experience, as I lead you into the quietest pools of plenty to drink from. I am moving you in the right direction–despite how uncomfortable it may feel at the moment. 


This will be an iconic dive that will bring you instant success, as you encounter My joy that knows no bounds. You’ll be nestled in the comfort that you have been longing for, as the peace of My presence causes you to weep no more. 


I will cradle you into a place of abundant resources, where you can effortlessly receive the dew-covered roses. You’ll be soothed by sounds of lush leaves blowing in the breeze, as the mushrooms of opulence emerge from the rain-soaked ground. 


At the cascade of moving waterfalls, I will adorn you in the loveliest shimmers of water crystals and dancing sunbeams. 


Feel the water bubbles under your feet and the pulsating stream coming from this moment of swimming against the current. I will cause My unfathomable power to emerge through your life like never before, to cause you to leap over breathtaking waterfalls! 


This is the moment that was worth waiting for! I am bringing you into an upstream miracle that will be more breathtaking than anything ever before. Instead of failing, as your enemies planned, you’ll be launched high through the air as I place you on top of the world. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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