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A Valuable Key Hidden in Perspective

There is this quote by C.S. Lewis that I love and it is, “We are what we believe we are”. Sometimes we just need the right key to open the door and most of the keys that I have found during this journey have been found in a place of perception. Our perspective of a situation can be completely life-changing with wonderful things or life-damaging to make things worse.

For instance, when God wants to bless us with an encounter of His abundance, He will often place us in a situation that looks like lack or scarcity. The key is to hold the place of believing in what God promised, despite how unsurvivable the situation may look.

We have to have our “promise” goggles on to see how things really are for us. I was writing a personal love letter for someone one time and God gave her a “key” of finding hidden wealth through the most unlikely of topics…it was through a message of a Tumbleweed.

Even though everything looked barren, dry, and aged at that time, God was saying that this key of a promise of “Tumbleweed” would be her answer for finding hidden wealth.

I always imagined that tumbleweed was just a dead and dusty plant that was found where everything was barren. However, God showed me through this personalized prophetic love letter that tumbleweed is a sign of ABUNDANCE and HIDDEN WEALTH, because tumbleweeds spead and multiply and follow water. 

If we were to look with our natural eyes at what is visible and tangible in our lives, many of us would lose faith and hope in our promises from God showing up in the present moment.

However, if we take hold the a powerful prophetic promise from God and use it as a way to open the door to find the secret riches, then we are able to step beyond the natural realm and draw out the promise that God has revealed.
They don’t just happen. We can hold a key, but if we do not align the key with the keyhole and turn the key, then the door will remain closed and locked.

That is what a personal prophetic love letter will do. It will act as a key and if you will use that key to believe in the perspective that God is revealing with faith, then you can open up all the secret treasures that God has hidden in plain sight.


When everything looks hopeless or unlike what you would like to see in your life, then, look again….there may be a hidden treasure right before your eyes and it is found in the “key of perspective” that God is speaking to you.


There is always a storehouse of treasures waiting to be opened, sometimes we just have to go against the wind of “how things seem or look” and use our faith to tap into the unseen valuables that God has for us to receive.
When you order a personal prophetic love letter, you will have the entire letter based around a special symbol from God that is unlike anyone else. That symbol will serve as a promise and “key” for you to open up the hidden gifts that God has for you during this time and those to come.

It will be your promise for a lifetime and it will be one of the most intimate treasures that you could receive from God. Because it is not only a promise but it is a key to a perspective that can literally change your life and make all the difference in the world when applied with faith.


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Read a small section of the tumbleweed promise here:


Cherished child, take another look around, and you will see that this time is not like it seems. Like a resurrection plant that blows through the desert like a dead tumbleweed, you have been sowing faith seeds, even when you didn’t realize you were doing anything.

Although the dead-looking tumbleweed seems to be without any life left, the resurrection plant is blown throughout places where new water is and spreads its seeds to reap a bigger harvest.

It was only dormant, My dear, just waiting for the right time, to touch the water that I had secretly stored. With the tiniest drop of water, the resurrection plant miraculously changes to green and thrives into a brand-new life.
Similarly, I am going to show you the fulfillment that you have dreamed of encountering–and you will see that you have more than enough time to enjoy every single moment.

My dear, I have called you to this place and I have brought you here. I will not leave you wanting or feeling the grief of a life that may seem destroyed. Allow Me to spill secrets with you, as I prepare to give you miracle ground cover with a widespread fulfillment.

My love promises for you will always find a way through every situation, like a resurrection plant that grows miraculously through the rock gardens and limited vegetation.

Like a resurrection plant that can survive intense dehydration without dying, I will give you an overnight miracle change to cause My love vows to you to be clearly seen.

My love always has the first and last word. Instead of struggling like a tumbleweed drying out, you’ll be exposed to more freedom than you have ever dreamed. There will be so much to do and so many places to go!
Like a miracle fauna in the arid desert, I will cause your life to become new once again, and I will give you a fresh start to live the way that you have always dreamed of having.

What seemed lost will burst back to life–flowing like a river of uncontainable gifts. I’ll make you a whole world of wonders and all that was wrong will be made perfectly right.

While you are waiting for your personal moment of resurrection, I will surprise you with suddenly unexpected blessings. You’ll find heavenly water in places that you’d never suspect–and you’ll see for yourself that miracles do exist!

You will joyfully draw from the waters of My miracle love as My fulfilled words arrive like rain sprinkling over the new desert grass. You will behold My botanical wonders, as I cause your entire life to be renewed and spring back to life again…..”

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