Faith Stories

Barely Made It


Saying goodbye to the resort hotel was not easy to do. However, like the quote from Dr. Suesse goes, “Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened”…I tried to be thankful for the gifted time that we had from God. 


Early in the morning before we had to pack up and leave that day, God said to me that we would be rescued but that we would “barely make it”. That news from God was bitter-sweet because although I was thankful that there would be a rescue, I was grieved to know that I was going to have some suffering to go through. 


As I was driving out of the mountain area, God was showing me to follow Him through the “aspen” trees once again. Instead of going where I thought we would, He took me right downtown in the heart of a major city with only $1.16 in my account. 


My whole body was trembling with worry about what would be ahead for the day. Surprisingly, God took us to “wait out the time” at a free zoo located in the city. Although I had to pay for the parking to get out, I took a trust fall into God’s arms and leaned on Him to cover our food and parking. 



It didn’t take long at all for the rescue of food and parking help to come and I was so thankful for that. It took a deliberate effort to not get ahead of myself with fears about where we would spend the night. 


I tried to keep God’s promises to be our home and endless basket of bread in the center of my mind, as I put on a smile and explored the zoo flowers and animals. One thing that I kept seeing was butterflies and God always shows me butterflies when there will be a miracle. 


I held my faith as long as I could, but it started to get really hot outside and late in the day. I still didn’t know how God would show up to save us with His promise to cover our room and the fears were getting too hot to endure. 


I felt like I was suddenly dropped inside a forest fire and I had no way to save myself at that time and moment. I had to get away to release my tears and pray because the pressure of the moment was too much to contain for a minute longer. 


So I went to this little area at the zoo that was full of so many geese. I stood there and tried to hide my face from the passers-by, as I wept uncontrollably and prayed to God. 



I reminded Him of His promise to be our home and to rescue us from this trial. After I went back to sit in the car, I had an unexpected message come to me with someone offering to fund our room for the night. There were a few hurdles to cross, but God used that person to be here for us and carry us out of the fire. 


When we checked into the place, it was an indescribable relief. I was so exhausted that I just kept having tears pouring from my eyes. I couldn’t keep in my gratitude and the pain of what I had just gone through. 


Although we never actually suffered, facing those fears was pure torment. It was so scary, but God gave us the opposite of our fears, instead of the pain of those fears happening. 


That was just one day too. I am already walking through another day and waiting to see how God will rescue us this time. This morning as I was waking up, God gave me another vision. It was the word GOLD. In the vision, I pushed the word gold, as though I was “cashing out” my fire experience for the tangible rewards of His promise being fulfilled.


All I know is like Job said, But He knows the course I have traveled. And I believe that were He to prove me, I would come out purer than gold from the fire


Always remember, the trials and tests are temporary, but the gold of fulfillment and faith rewards are forever. 


Until next time, I love you, and may God exceed all of your hopes on this day.


Love, Dannette

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