Love Letters

I’ll Show You Winter Wonders Overnight

A love letter from the Father



Look through the window, My beloved one, as I reveal the mesmerizing moment that I have promised. I will instantly soothe and calm your troubles, as I deliver a frosty relief from the pressures and heat, out of My northern splendor of stored up majesty. 


I am doing magnificent things for you–far beyond what you can even look forward to. I’ll show you the change that I promised to do, as I cause a winter-wonderland rescue appear as an overnight surprise to help you. 


The burning coals under your feet will instantly become a frozen terrain adorned in the peace that you crave. Remember, My loveliest one, it is I who am Sovereign over this time. 


I’ll issue the order for snow flurries of blessings to fall, as I show you My power with sudden prosperity fluttering down. Never again will you walk through these pain-stricken trials, as I deliver the glittering snow of a full harvest. You will be rewarded for your pain, with double the honor, and your enemies will wear the same shame that they intended for you to walk through.


A curse that lacks cause will never come to flight and in My eyes, My dear one, you are doing just right! I will stick up for you and deliver My words, as the brightness emerges from beyond the thick clouds. 


I have called the north wind to blow through with the changes that you need, and I will fully clear the air as I honor you completely. Instead of suffering from the same attacks, you’ll be wrapped in My beauty as one that I love so much!


I will open up the hidden riches that I have prepared, in the place where the cold treasury of snow is held. I will break out the frozen armories of My stealth attacks, as I make My royal splendor is made evident over every detail that pertains to you. 


My dear, forget about your worries, because the snow of My goodness is already falling! My unstoppable power is beaming through the clouds, to change the direction of the wind and cause this monumental moment to finally happen.


It is safe to dream again, My dearest darling. The shimmering snow is putting out the fires and bringing you into a time that is truly delightful and seeping with comforts. It will happen! My glory will be uncontested, as I move into place with a weighty splendor that seems like a dream coming to life. 


The majesty of My provisional love will spill over like fresh snow powder over the desert grounds. I will put My love for you on full display, as I reveal the immense power of My ways. The snow of My support will fall heavy for you, as the weight is added with an accumulation that cannot be contained or removed. 


Mark this on your calendar, beautiful one! Sometimes the darkest times are only a gateway for the best and most unforgettable moments to come out. The icy glaze of My goodness will cover the trees, as I show up in a way that puts the biggest surprise on your face!


Oh My dove, although your first instinct to being exposed with this promotion may be to hide out of fear for safety, resist it. Don’t allow your light to be dimmed, when I cause your name to rise up in an instant. 


Keep calm and trust in My loving ways to protect you. I will hold you in the safety of My hands, as you stand strong and confident in who I am. 


I am changing your life in incredible ways, as I reveal the vast possibilities that have been frozen beneath your feet. I will make you famous for having extraordinary appeal–with an irrefutable beauty that radiates from My splendor pouring over you. 


There is no where left to hide, My treasure. It is time to step into the destined purpose that I have made for you. This is the unbelievable bridge to what is coming next–and I can assure you, My beloved–it is a time that you won’t want to miss! 


The moment has arrived for you to share your gifts and help others. There are people who need the very encouragement that you have to give. Your faith is a masterpiece of My design–as you exude My glorious radiance from every side!


You are the rarest of rare, because you have resisted the temptation to quit. Your life emits the positivity of My heart–and eliminates the negativity that the doubters give. 


You know who I am–more than most will ever be able to say. That is why I am making you so well known, as you carry My uncontaminated grace and unconditional love that you have received from Me. 


People will come from out of the woodwork, just to have a chance to hear your stories and know who I am. I will reveal the weighty significance of My splendor over your life, as I cause you to spread tranquility and peace out to those who need it the most. 


You will become a highly sought out resource that cannot be restrained, as I cause you to shoot off of the charts–all for the glory of My sake. So, resist the urge to hide, My dear, because the good exposure will help you to stand tall and flourish in what I have called you to do. 


I am going to cause your steps to glimmer with My light, as I make you an ornament of love that carries My name with honor and revealing what is right. 


It won’t be delayed, not for one minute! I am ready to rescue you and put My magnificence on display. I will cause instant wealth to plume over the icy branches, as My secret riches come to you from every direction. 


Soon you will behold the glorious emergence of My words, as I cause things to be just as I have proclaimed. Instead of being held in impoverished conditions, you’ll grow into more of My power than ever before.


You’ll be spinning and dancing with a glow in your eyes, as you are touched by My love support coming from above. Cool comfort will melt over your cheeks and once and for all–you’ll be settled in My peace. 


Bless this journey, My loveliest friend, because you are about to encounter the sweetest miracle snow that I send. I will cover you in icy jewels, of blue lapis lazulis and spectacular emeralds. This has all been prepared in advance, so go ahead and rest from the weariness of unexpected onslaughts and constant attacks. 


See the sparkling snow flurries that are about to arrive, as I change your life to make your dreams a reality now.  I’ll show you winter wonders overnight, as I surround you by the shimmering delight of a million snowflakes. I will give you success–and you’ll wear it proudly as a reminder of encountering My all-encompassing love and unmistakable kindness.  


Scribed by Dannette Ward

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