Love Letters

From Sharp to Smooth

A love letter from the Father



You are not alone, My lovely one, I am always watching over you and protecting you at every moment. I will be there for you, see My child, there is nothing to fear. Remember all that I have promised and how I have taken from where you started to the place where you are right now. 


Haven’t I always been a faithful and dependable Friend, My dearest little darling? I have carried you this far, and I will help you cross over into what I have promised. 


I have chosen you to experience an encounter of a lifetime. So keep going, My treasure, you will not be burned or hurled under the swirling waters. I will carefully cover you through the stormy seas, and I will ensure every agitation of the sea becomes a calming place of prismatic beauty. 


I will fully protect you from the troubles that whirl through the waters. I will show you the salvation of the seas, as I show Myself as One who guides you into the places where dreams are held. 


Like sand and waves that changes the chemical makeup of broken glass to become sea gems, something ultra special is coming out of this. 


Instead of the sharpness of suffering pain and afflictions, you will be met with the smoothness of extraordinary beauty and lasting comforts. The very attacks that attempted to take you out will become the place where your most desirable prosperity is found. 


The blazing tides that crashed against your cheeks will suddenly transform into a rich oasis of calming serenity unlike anything ever before. I will sweep through the boundless deep and churn up the hidden wealth of the seas. 


Allow Me to remind you that I will do the impossible! My beloved, you will not get broken from this path, but I will cause you to magnificently prosper and have the last laugh. The rough edges that you see at the moment will instantly be smoothed into shimmering pearls and brilliant blue gemstones. 


I will reveal the treasure trove of goodness that surfaces after the storm as I wash your troubles clean like sea stars in tide pools. Just trust the ebb and flow of My timing as you settle your heart to trust in My involvement to protect and provide everything. 


I will give you better for all that was lost, like a starfish that regenerates severed limbs. My promise will heal you from the inside out, as I cause you to become every word that I have vowed. 


Surely, you will experience miraculous results, as I wrap you in My unbreakable love. Dear one, you will only taste the laughter of being blessed, as I hold you in My arms and take your burdens up. 


I will make things easy for you, so that you are not haunted by the sorrows of the past. Like sea glass that has been smoothed by the storms, the jagged troubles that you face will be made positive again. 


Watch closely, My dear little one, as I cause secret riches to appear from the ocean labyrinth. From the violent beginning that you have had on this journey of transformation. I will cause a brand-new life to wash ashore, and it will be more beautiful than you have ever seen! 


See now, My darling, I am making a way! It is happening now, even as I speak! I am plunging tunnels through the swirling streams and escorting you through paths that will cause you to find the uncontainable riches that I have saved. 


Indeed, I have not abandoned you here. Rather, you are about to be introduced to the soothing waves of My heart beat over and over again. I will show you the rare sight of beauty that you have been longing for, as the darkest days become some of the very best moments that you have ever had. 


A valuable keepsake is coming into your life, to cause your sharp troubles to become smooth and nice. Hear the sound of My promise arriving, like waves that gently lull you into a place of fully relaxing. 


Finally, you will be truly valued and appreciated for being a polished gem, as I cause you to be celebrated more than you have ever known. You are about to reach an all-time high with no more going low, as I deliver you the honor of your faith rewards. 


The smoothest comforts will come right to you, as I deliver the gifts that were found that the relentless waves transformed. No longer will you be seen as an outcast of the sea, but you will enormously increase in popularity because I am lifting you into newness. 


I will fill your eyes with amazement, as I reveal wonders of humbling to hold. Instead of being scorned and attacked, you’ll emerge from this time bejeweled and astonishingly refined like gold. I will cause you to fall in love, once more, with the azure blue beauty of the sea glass that came from the troubles against you. 


From sharpness to smooth, everything is being changed to bring you to a deeply desired time and place. Believe Me, My heart, it’s true. It will be a dream come true when you see what I have done for you! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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