Love Letters

It will happen all over again

A love letter from the Father 


Leave your worries behind, My beloved child, as My comfort lightens your load. I will look after you, just as I always do. Feel the peace of security in your mind, as you trust Me to cover you all over again. 


Live in a place of rest, My dearest darling, as I shelter you under My ever-supportive wing. My power is glorious in every way–withstanding every storm–and chasing away your enemies. 


You can rest assured, dear heart, the uncontainable levels of My support are pouring out. My love support for you has already been planned, so don’t worry or stress about how things will work out. 


I will hold you close to My side, as I cradle and comfort you as My deeply loved child. Relax under My smile as you await the kindness of good news. Even more than you need is on the way to you!


I am calming this storm to a stillness, as I drape you in My unfailing love. I will keep My promise that was given, as I deliver the fulfillment from above. 


Hear the sound of My glorious wings, and let it be a sign that this is the end of that suffering. I am lifting you above it all, as I set you up high upon the silvery clouds. I will make up for the pain that you have had, as I open up your fulfilled longings at last. 


You are safe, My dear. You are cared for lavishly. Instead of fearing the next attack, you’ll blissfully rest with afternoon naps. You’ll sleep without the dread of another shock of bad news, and you won’t have to fear that there is another trouble right around the corner. 


I am right with you, as the Refuge to keep you safe. You no longer need to panic over alarms or devastating things. I will be your constant companion as I shelter you from every negative outcome. 


Like a majestic bird protecting its young, I have placed you under My feathers of supportive protection. My faithful promise is a shield that you can trust, and I have surrounded you in impenetrable walls to keep the battles out. 


My dear, release your doubts and uncertainties of how things will be. Live as through you are fully supported by Me and always have all that you need. Stay in place of unbothered relief, as an action of worship and trust in Me. 


Imagine that all that I have promised is already a part of your life, as you keep an attitude of ease and certainty that you are no longer living without the desire. 


I am giving you the wings to soar into a brand-new life. Instead of being weighed down with burdens, you’ll flutter up so light. 


Be rejuvenated with a sense of faith and expectancy, as you choose to believe that this is already happening. Have exuberant hopes about what is about to show up, as you trust that it is already on the way out. 


Everything is unfolding faster than you can believe, as I lift you up to bless you continuously. The soft winds of My comfort are holding you up, as I set you into the places that you will love. 


I will bring you into a deeply desired change, as My wings skim over the sea to stir the waters all over again. Ripples of My goodness will quickly spread out, as I cause the motion of generous blessings to come as waves of rich support. 


I have covered your life in every way, and your wealth will keep increasing every single day. I will show up like a bird racing the clouds with a surprise gift of support that will cause you to light up and be joyfully overwhelmed. 


Beloved, this is when the story starts to get superb! Just when you think you’ve seen the best, it will happen all over again! Surprise will be followed by surprise, as I cause My generous goodness to pass before your eyes. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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