Love Letters

Something Beautiful is Emerging from the Chaos


A love letter from the Father



Many waters cannot quench love, My dearest one, and I am opening up a new chapter where victory has been fully established. 


From being tossed by waves in the tumultuous sea and from the place where the currents of disaster tugged at your feet–I will show you beauty emerging from out of the chaos–as this troubled time becomes the place of your greatest blessings. 


I will show up to be your rescuing King as I lift you up into a safe getaway. From venturing through the floods and the flames, you will finally encounter the treasure troves of peace and plenty. 


Out of the chaos, something beautiful will emerge, like a blue water lily rising out of the mud and murk. The lashing waves will sudden transform into a tranquil pool of peace, as I reveal the soothing sounds of My heartbeat. 


You have endured more than enough, and your patience has been challenged in ways that you never thought. Although you may be afraid to let your guard down, the first sign of beauty is coming out to announce the end of the storm. 


Like a blue water lily rising tall, I will give you the fresh start that I have promised for so long. The attacks against you have ushered in the greatest blessings, like magnificent whales breaching out of rough waters. 


I will make something exceedingly lovely beyond the difficulties that you have faced, just as a flood allows the river to reach more people with fresh pure water and brings renewed life where there wasn’t any before. 


I am giving you a complete revival and a fresh start. Like blue water lilies blooming along the banks of the Delta Nile, there will be beauty coming out from the chaos. 


The challenges that you have had are becoming the place where My power pours out. Like a blue water lily rising out of the chaos, you are coming into the release of your promises to fulfillment. 


Prepare to see the first sign of beauty rising out of the storm, as I elevate you more and more. You’ll be cradled by My hand, like a water lily stretching up as an emerging beauty that gently floats above the water’s surface. 


Carry on, My loveliest flower, you are being raised up as a leader unlike any other. Wrapped in My personal love and untainted by the ways of man, you have a pristine purity that sets you apart from everyone else. 


I will send you to spread My love to the broken hearts, so that you can show them what I am all about. You see more clearly, more than most ever have, because I have used the storm to clear your path. 


My dear, confidently continue being who you are–and be proud of the very high cost you have covered. You were never meant to fit in with the world, because I have chosen you to bloom with a captivating fragrance that only you have. 


Like the leaves of a blue water lily resting on the surface of calm water, I am changing this experience to become peace instead of ongoing troubles. 


My love is emerging from out of the storm, to bring the comforts of plentiful provisions unlike ever before. Instead of struggling to keep your head above the water, you’ll be like a carefree waterlily that effortless floats with a serene state of mind with more than enough at all times. 


You are being comforted, My beloved. Let the anguish that you have endured float away as I bring you into something much better. 


You will see how I have made your enemies your greatest blessings. I will continue to prosper you from the attacks, as I fill you over and over again with enormous gifts of support. 


Beloved, rest in My love, as I wash away the pain that you have had. I have started something wondrously new, so don’t allow your familiarity with chaos cause you to lose peace or be fearful. 


It’s all coming together perfectly to give you the best triumph of all. Find the calmness in the elevation, as you see the radiance that comes with the storms ending. 


Stay in the present moment, as you enjoy the refreshments that I am sending. Wave goodbye to the suffering as I lift you into the best views that money can buy. 


Let go of the bitterness that you have endured, like a water lily that closes at sunset and rises to open anew the very next morning. The times of sorrow that rained with blue will turn out to be the beginning of the most abundant time that you ever knew. 


Everything is being framed in a spectacular light, as I smooth the edges that caused you affliction and comfort your cries. The sky will change from gray clouds to cyan blue, as the storm fades into the distance to be forgotten. 


Like being blanketed under the starlit night, have peace to know that everything will be alright. Remember that My love support to you will never end, and it will only increase to be more and more through this experience. 


Your dreams are taking flight, My treasured child, as I cause something beautiful to emerge from the chaos. Like a blue water lily reopening after the flood, you’ll be an indescribable glimpse of My all-consuming love. 


I am doing the thing that you have been waiting for, as I give you something to celebrate more than ever before. You’ll stand in awe of this unforgettable moment, as I crown your life with tangible promise. 


Resume your journey, My radiant one, as the blue water lilies start to come out. I will cause you to rise in spectacular ways, like a breathtaking flower blooming with beauty from out of the chaos. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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