Love Letters

This will become one of the most comforting times of your life

A love letter from the Father 



Dear heart, I will comfort you from following this path of bitter tears, where you endured the weariness of traveling through the cold, barren mountains of constant warfare. 


I am changing your anguish into compassionate care, as I give you a place to rest from being shell shocked from the intensity of unwarranted violations and outbreaks of enemy invasions. 


Instead of waiting for the next missile to launch or having to fear stepping on a land mine, I will put you into an indulgently safe place where you can truly unwind. I will surround you with peace to the core, so that you can unload your trauma from the attacks in My deepest comforts and tangible love support. 


Take a deep breath, My beautiful one, as you unload the deep pain of what you have endured. Slow your racing heart, as you calmly come out of that place of survival. Everything is different now, and you will not suffer as you had to before. 


It’s true! Although you endured more difficulties than you ever thought that you would, now something extraordinary good is emerging from the parched place where the rivers dried up. 


An obscene amount of hidden gold is being revealed, in this place where there seemed like there was nothing more. The ancient streams will rise up again, full of shimmering gold along the river bed and gold-flakes mixed into the soil. 


My dearest darling, do not see things as how they look, because there is hidden gold being revealed just beyond the surface. 


Just as gold mountains were exposed when the Euphrates river completely dried out, I have stored up a rich bounty of secret gold for you in this time. Trust Me, My beautiful child, I am never impoverished at any time. 


There is a myriad of gold in the hills that you are climbing, and I will cause the mysterious hidden places of wealth to be fully uncovered in rapid timing. New streams of income will rush in, as I cause My living waters to bubble up from the dry, and empty ground where you stand. 


I will leave you in amazement, as I show up with lush support in the most unexpected places. Where the river once flowed, there is even more coming in. Not only will you be filled to overflowing, but you will carry out the golden plunder from your enemies. 


Beloved, do not contract with fear or doubt, but expand into trusting My all-present love. Move into the fear that resists your steps, as you boldly trust in all I have promised. 


I will never under any circumstances desert you, let you go, or leave you without support. I will never in any degree leave you helpless, nor would I ever fail to do all that I have promised, most assuredly not!


Surely you will experience the outcomes of pure comfort, as I show you an experience that reveals more love than you ever thought possible. You will love this time more than any other yet, so rest in My love and know that I would never cause you to walk through the same hurts again. 


Believe that I am holding you up, as you trust deeply in My unlimited ways of support. There is an abundance of gold in this mountain for you! I will show you the hidden towers of quartz and the gold-laden rock outcrops. 


Come away with Me, My radiant one, as we explore the richness and depths of My stored up treasures. I will lift you up to stand on the mountain tops, where you will find glittering gold piled up higher than the clouds. 


I will cause you to see astonishing success in a sudden way, like an earthquake that shifts the tectonic plates to instantly open up hidden gold veins. I will make this effortless for you, as the loosened gold sediments are quickly carried downstream. 


The pressure is changing swiftly for you, as I reveal more and more gold deposits with every move. The sides of the fault lines will slip open to present you with gold filled mountains and shimmering diamonds. 


I am delivering you beauty that will thrill you with wonder, as the gold from My support is carried by streams from the northern mountains. Instead of being faint from the heat of refining, you’ll be blessed by the pearly mountain peaks gleaming in the sunlight. 


The stars of My promise will twinkle over your head, and it will feel like are dreaming as I make My prosperity promise a reality for you. It will be incredibly stunning, as I fill the dried up riverbed with My living waters and prosperous blessings. 


Beloved heart, you are about to discover a very lucrative stash of hidden gold in the mountains where you have suffered so much. See how I have scattered rose petals on the path where your feet have walked, and now I will carry you into the snow-crowned peaks of My lavish abundance and unending love. 


Expect to encounter the extraordinary, as I fill your hands with more gold and African diamonds than you can even contain. You are sure to see My shining splendor replace the depths of buried anguish that was hidden inside. 


From the place where you have endured more pain than you ever thought you would, this will become one of the most comforting times of your life. I will blanket your hurts and dry away the tears, as I welcome you to a world of obscure, shimmering brilliance from My phenomenal love support. 


I am giving you a whole mountain of gold, and no more will you be known as the lowest of all. Prepare to be dazzled like never before, as I give you an encounter that is so stunning, that will leave you baffled and in awe. 


This unforgettable path to promise will become one of the most comforting times of your life. From the places where the rivers of support dried up, I will cause you to step into a mountain of gold that is always more than enough. 


My darling little one, you won’t believe your eyes when you see how fast I can shift this time. From the place of being unseen, I will cause the full materialization of buried gold to come out and it will be just like you dreamed I would! Out of nowhere, I will surprise you as I show your enemies that I always have the last laugh. 


From the chaos and brutality of war, I will show up faster than a jet plane to comfort you with more than you have ever had. Instead of being aghast by the unexpected attacks, you’ll be astounded that I could make this happen so fast. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward



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