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Prayer for Seers


Seers have the gift of being able to “enter” into the spiritual realm to draw out miracles in the natural realm. When I am in need of a prophetic word for someone, or I need to see a miracle happen in my life, I sometimes use “prayer soaking for seers”.


Prayer soaking for seers is when you are able to use your imagination while drawing from the faith and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to move things from the spirit realm to the natural realm or to seek treasures from the Holy Spirit in the forms of prophetic “pictures”.


This state is best-accessed while in an atmosphere of total relaxation and concentration. I often use the bath for this, because I know I will be able to focus 100 percent and my time will be not be interrupted.


The prayer soaking begins with your will and willingness to believe that you are receiving from the Kingdom. I usually begin by asking the Holy Spirit to show me visions, regarding what I am meeting with Him for.


If you get distracting thoughts or pictures, just cast them down and re-focus. When I first started to do this for prophetic words for people, I had to overcome a lot of doubts. But after I shared what I received, the Lord was gracious to confirm the truth of what He showed me.


I have also used this technique to draw supernatural miracles out. For instance, I needed money to pay for my room, and I was quite desperate and out of options. I started to see myself drawing from a tree from God’s love, the money that I needed.


In order to target in with my faith, I even imagined a certain amount falling off of the tree and into my hands.


I consistently did this for about an hour, and then a breakthrough happened. I suddenly received a donation in the EXACT amount that I had been watching myself receive from the tree of God’s loving provision.


It really works, but it takes faith, trust, and consistency. The activation for this is to use your faith to see yourself receiving in the spirit realm, or use the prayer soaking to access a prophetic word for yourself or someone else.


This was taken from a section from the prophetic training by books by Dannette Ward, Diamonds from the Dust LLC


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