Love Letters

Rise of a Lifetime

A love letter from the Father 


Take a deep breath, My child, as you release your worries to Me. I have your back and I will support you and stand behind you in every way. Rest into the security that I have promised to be. I will comfort you from those troubles, and it will feel so good and safe for you to receive. 


Get ready to rise up again, as I increase you with generous support and a more honorable status. Beloved heart, remember this….you are always rising into better and better. 


The attacks aimed in your direction are only causing you to expand and prosper more and more. Soon your enemies will see that they enforced your greatest blessings. The shame will be on them, so don’t allow those with hate filled hearts bring you down from where I have called you and who I have chosen you to be. 


Instead of receiving the bitter things that your enemies have planned, I will give you the rich indulgence of comfort that pours out like soothing milk spilling over. You will enjoy tremendous blessings from Me and your satisfaction will be well. 


Rather than suffer like your haters have hoped, I will show you a whole new world of wonders where everything is rosy and dreams rise outward. You’ll behold the highest heights that a climber can climb, as I show you the mysterious place where the mountains kiss the sky. 


You see, My bright and beautiful one, no can curse you because you are always blessed wherever you go. I will give you an encounter to love and cherish, as you see how wonderful My goodness is. I will honor your decision to depend on My promise, because those who put their trust in Me will be blessed and comforted so extravagantly. 


My loveliest one, confinement doesn’t suit you, so I am lifting you up to enjoy the freedom of a very abundant lifestyle that I have promised. 


Trust that this promise will be done as you stretch yourself into faith-filled optimistic thoughts. Believe in My limitless power spreading out to carry you through the vast blue sky, and remember, the only limitations are those that you set in your mind. 


Truly, beloved, I will cause you to discover the unlimited joys of breathtaking new levels. You will be astounded by how fast I can change your situation! 


Release your attachment to “how” and embrace the unfolding miracles rising out. I will lead you to the hidden place behind the crystal waterfall, where everything can transform in the blink of an eye.


I have always taken you under My wings, and I have carried you through so many things. I have made immense promises to you that your heart cannot contain, and I have given ample reasons to jump in and fully trust Me again. 


My dear, you are one in a million who see this view, so let’s move into this dream coming true. This is sure to be an experience like no other as I reveal new opportunities and show you the hidden talents that you didn’t know that you carried. 


Settle your heart to trust My promise with all certainty–once and for all. Become one with what I have promised as you choose to no longer allow yourself to tolerate a negative, doubtful, or fearful thought. 


Expect the best results, beautiful heart, as you abandon yourself into the rise of a lifetime. As you start to lift, like being carried by a hot-air balloon, you’ll encounter the wondrous sensation of your troubles on the ground moving away from you. 


You will instantly exchange your worries, for freedom, as we soar peacefully with the speed of the wind. I will show you the true liberation that awaits, I raise you up over the place of being constantly buffeted by the low level winds. 


My gentleness will surround you, as you lose your cares into the wonderment that comes from living in a dream. We will blissfully rise over the highest snowy mountain peaks, where the tallest trees stand tall to soak up the sunlight. 


As I cause you to ascend into this enhanced level of blessings, it will seem like the world that you once knew has fallen away from you. You’ll be completely new, as I adorn you in the dreams that I have given to you. 


We will ride out the serene breezes of from above the trees, as the majestic bald eagles play over the sea. You will be elevated far above those you have met, because you have chosen to trust and follow My plans. 


You won’t have to fear more attacks, because I have covered you with My outstretched hands. I will shelter you from every danger and harm, as you see prophetic decrees rise to the surface in an instantaneous form. 


I am giving you the breathing space that you need, where you can fly like a bird without any restraints. My heart, this will be the ultimate experience of wonder and relaxation, as I lift you into unparalleled views and a cozy atmosphere. 


Beloved, I understand how difficult this past season was, so I am taking you up into an indulgent place to recover and feel loved. 


Allow your anticipation levels to rise, as I cause your dreams to take shape. Soon you will be standing taller than ever before, and you’ll be comforted more than you have ever hoped. 


I will make your enemies a comfy place to rest your feet. You’ll be able to let your guard down, as the clouds over the mountain-ranges become the bed where you can rest without fearing a thing. My dear, you can count it as done, and know that I will do far beyond what you thought could be possible. 


Imagine waking up to the turquoise jeweled waters sparkling below, as I give you the unforgettable moment of walking on water as you float above the ground. It will seem like everything comes to a stop, as you behold this majestic treasure of living above. 


Love is in the air, My jewel, and you will see how unstoppable My love is to help you. All of a sudden, the struggles will stop, as you enter into this new chapter of encountering My love lifting you up.  


Everything will change in your life, as we drift over the Continental Divide. You will move from waiting on fulfillment to seeing it made tangible. This will make this rise even more delightful! 


Beloved, this is not the end of things, and you are not going to suffer from defeat. Rather, this is going to be a place where luxury meets breathtaking, as I show you the plans of My own. My Sovereign plans will prevail over every attack planned against you. The rise that I am giving you now will become the downfall of your enemies. 


I am the beginning and end of this journey—and no two paths are ever the same. Although your enemies plotted against you, I will use this time to lift you up into your chosen calling. 


My treasure, hold your head up high and know that I am taking you to this elevated position. As you step into the spotlight, embrace your destined place. I am going to show you prosperous blessings and exceptional honor. You can have it all–just as I promised you! 


For once, a dream will become reality, as I open up a unique opportunity to share your story from the highest latitude. This is going to be a rise of a lifetime, and the all the bitterness that you have received before this will be traded out for the most beautiful things to adorn you. 


I will take you into the secret place above the crowd, where you can bask in the beauty above the shimmering clouds. This is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience, as I cause you to defy gravity and show you the life that you have been dreaming about. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward





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