Love Letters

It will take your breath away

A love letter from the Father 



Loveliest one, allow My words to dissolve your grief, as I lead you into a place of tangible promise and soothing relief. Beneath the black curtain of the night, I will unveil My iridescent hidden beauty, like a sea of stars shimmering through the canopy of darkness. 


I have placed you in My protective and loving care, where I will fill your world with a spectacular sea of fulfilled promises. You’ll be amazed to see this time become the most beautiful so far, like the night sky sprinkled with millions of stars. 


The opaque blackness of the night will the birthing place of dreams coming out, as I show you what it means to be held in My love and power. Although darkness threatens foreboding events in the shroud of night and the waning gibbous moon casts fearful illusions from the shadows–My promise to you is still the end and the beginning. 


Beloved, I am watching every detail in your life and I will not turn My eyes away from all that you are needing. In the severity of attacks, My Sovereign vows to you remain steadfast and unchanging. 


In the midst of the sea’s unrest as the tempest gives one last chance before being silenced, I will continue to be your safe refuge, and you will be fully protected as I surround you with the lullaby of My comforting support. 


Even if the stormy winds would ruffle the waters to cause the silver sea to rise once more, the stars of My promise would sing over you with the blessings of My saving grace and unconditional love. You can plan on receiving even more than you hope for…


My dearest darling, forget about the plans that your enemies have to take you down. I have made you a star-filled path of Promise, and only My plans are the ones permitted to be done. 


Your destiny is written in the stars of promise that I have made for you, and My plans over your life were settled long before you knew about any fear or enemy attacks coming against you. 


Dear heart, trace your finger over the promises that I have given, like connecting the trail of shimmering stars that illuminate the darkness. I will truly give you the product of your hopes, and nothing that you fear is going to happen as an outcome. 


Look up, beloved, and turn your eyes to the stars shining like diamonds in the night. I will show you the way home through the darkness of this time, as My promises are unveiled with indescribable beauty unlike anything you have ever been shown. 


Things are changing for you during this time when fears creep in the darkness. I will reach out to hold you in My richest comforts, as I change your scars into tangible stars of promise to adorn you. 


I will absorb the pain of what you have gone through, as I touch your wounds with My indulgent comforts. My dear one, your heart will beat to a new song, as I restore you with more blessings than you had when you started. 


Although it was bitterly painful to endure and this storm seemed endless to go through, the attacks that have been against you have caused the manifestation of unbelievable beauty and materialized promises. 


Like a sea of phytoplankton that emits an electric blue light as an act of self-defense when agitated by the movement of waves, the oppositions that you have felt have been the place where I am pouring My ever-present power out. 


With each surging wave that is aimed in your direction, more and more radiance of My blessings is being released out. The more you were afflicted, the more you were increased. Your enemies are the instigators of your greatest blessings and the very ones that will cause you to rise up as a legendary success story. 


Embrace this time, My beautiful treasure, because I am going to make it something that you will always cherish and remember. Fall with bliss into My arms once again, as you float upon My promises to hold you with My limitless love. 


Allow your worries to melt away, as the weight of your fears freely drift off. This time is not at all like it looks. Instead of suffering terror and want, you’ll be lavishly blessed in ways too wonderful to count.


Rest here, My dear, in this sea of stars. I have everything under control and there is nothing coming to harm you. This place is free from the thunderclouds that groan, and there are no wave breaks that can take you down. 


You are safe in the shelter of My loving arms, as I carry you through this sea of stars. You’ll see the smile of My face shining over your needs, as blessings pour out like diamonds to generously cover everything. Even in the midst of shadows and threats, you will be comforted and blessed with the abundance of My personal attention. 


Have faith in Me, My cherished one, as you anchor yourself with thoughts of hope beneath the waves that rage. You’ll be comforted again, just as before, and I will cause you to be increased and prospered more and more. 


Relax with trust in My promises over your life, as you float through this time, watching the glittering stars above and beneath. You are safe… I will care for all of your needs as the fruition of My promises are exposed like a sea of starlight shining out. 


As the waves crash over the shores, I will reveal the hidden riches tucked away along the ocean floor. Instead of suffering like you worried, I will cause your heart desires to come out to be fulfilled—shining with immeasurable beauty. 


You’ll fall in love with the darkness all over again, as I cause an ocean of My love to light up like a starlit galaxy. Instead of drowning in sorrows and the heaviness of needs, you’ll be swimming amongst the stars of unfathomable love gifts from Me. 


I will bring you back to the comforts that you crave, as the shimmering waters reveal the countless stars of promise being fulfilled. You will be adorned with success, My beloved child, and the blessings will continue to accumulate and arrive. 


Your tears will be lost in a moment of bliss, as I take you into the place between stars and dreams passing through. Truly, this will be the loveliest lighting that you have ever seen, as glittering light is unveiled with each passing wave. 


Dear heart, don’t worry about what will come. Rather than despising this time, you will begin to love it more and more. This time isn’t like you think. Instead of being buried in a sea of sorrows, you’ll sail away into a dream awakening. 


You will see just how much you are loved, as the stars of My promise carry you into far more than you have even hoped. Like a sea that sparkles with exquisite light when irritated by the waves, I will cause this experience to become like stepping into a fairy tale reality. 


You will not be given over to the desires of bad things, rather I will uncover such intense beauty through the movement of the shimmering sea that it will take your breath away and be better than you dared to dream. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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