Love Letters

Rise to the Occasion

A love letter from the Father




Beloved child, I understand that this road was not easy to follow, as you endured the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. At times, it seemed to travel through hell and back, and the anguish of it all was often overwhelming. 


I know the humility that came from traveling a path less taken, dear heart. It often took more courage than you even thought that you had, and you had to endure the criticism and misunderstanding of man.


Yet as difficult as it was to endure, it has made your closeness and dependency to Me unparalleled beyond what most will ever know or experience. 


Like a moon flower swaying through the orbiting shadows of sorrow and grief, you clung to your dreams even when they appeared to be fading away into the desolate darkness. 


Yet in the dance of mingling your faith over your doubts, you have come out stronger through it all. Truly, it was an experience that you will never forget–that both broke your heart at times and healed it all over again.


You lived by My promise with complete discipline as you followed My voice, and in the restlessness that you feel from the restraint at the moment, I am breaking you out into the liberation of encountering the joyful fulfillment of what I have prophetically foretold. 


Don’t be afraid, My child, just believe that I will do just as I have promised. I am bringing you out on the other side of this, like a rocket that suddenly launches into a completely new place of unrestricted latitude. 


Like a ballerina on the tips of her toes and barely touching the concrete floor, find your way back to believing in what I have promised and fall in love with the dream just like before. 


A new chapter is beginning for you, as I cause you to ascend into an awakened dream that whirls and spins into motion. I will startle you with unexpected blessings, as the cloud water is released to cause many promises to emerge, like roses and magnolia flowers blooming all at once. 


I will set you high above your enemies intentions, and I will cause your dreams to rise into a blissful fulfillment. I will cause My power to flow with force through your needs, like the thrust from a main engine causing a rocket to launch into space.


Loveliest one, you are starting this season out right, as I cause you to rise up higher and higher–like golden leaves abandoning themselves into the dancing winds. I am taking you up first class, to show you ever-increasing comforts with an ultra luxurious encounter. 


Everything will turn out just as I have spoken, so stretch upward as you look forward to what will come with complete confidence. Release your fears and worries about what will happen, as you branch out towards My promises, like lifting off to touch the stars that glitter in the sky. 


You are coming into your best days, as I elevate you into your promised destiny that I have made. No longer will you be telling the same story, but you will step into a total life transformation that is completely unrecognizable from what you have been through. 


I am taking you higher into the reality of what I have promised, where I will show you over-the-top service and added comfort. You will see the secret places where the chocolate cosmos bloom, and I will fill you beyond capacity with secret riches under the silver moon. 


Your life is not like anyone else, because I have set you apart to give you unbelievable success. I am causing your reputation to grow so fast, as you rapidly rise and twirl over the storm that has resisted your steps. 


Beloved, I am launching you up like a rocket so that you can begin to do all that you have been preparing for. Like a rocket delivering a payload to the desired trajectory, I am sending you out to show others how to enter into the blessings of success that I have taken you through. 


Inhale My love as you trust My promise, My dearest darling, and exhale out the fears that you have of falling. Just as there is a reaction for every action, I will cause this simple act of breathing through faith to become like the exhaust that pushes a rocket forward. 


You’ll feel the freedom that comes with inhabiting My promises, as I cause your life to become much easier and as I provide more fun and enjoyment.


Just as a rocket carries everything that it needs to travel through space, everything that you need is already covered. My promises will be released with explosive power to lift you into a more luxurious place. 


My treasure, be full of hope and anticipate in My goodness to lift you over every threat of a bad outcome. Stand tall and sure in My rescue, as you celebrate in the fruition of what you have been dreaming to come. 


Close your eyes and take the leap of faith, as you trust Me to lift your feet off of the ground with power and grace. Let go of your worries, fears, and doubts–as you reach up with complete surrender into the promises that I have given. 


It will feel like flying and falling at the same time, as you begin rising through the midnight sky. You won’t believe it is real, as I captivate your attention with a dream becoming beautifully fulfilled. 


Precious heart, don’t lose sight of the heights that are opening up to you. I am launching you into the next level, all of a sudden. The victory bell is singing for you, so rise to the occasion and step into what you have been chosen to do. 


From the place where you have known humiliation and dishonor, I am lifting you up with twice the amount of dignity and honor. I am lifting you over the wars that have surrounded you, as I put your enemies under your feet once and for all. 


My evidence of blessing over your life will be the loudest voice over those who claim to know Me, with no fruit to show or tell about. I will cause you to become more and more prosperous with continuous success, because of My endowment of radiance and Sovereign wealth. 


Here it comes, My beautiful one! From barely breathing and fading away, you will rise up to thrive and flourish into a brand-new day. I am giving you extra support where you need it the most, and you will be known as a blessing to a multitude of hearts. 


Be fearless in this rise, because it’s time to settle the final score. All of your enemies are going to see this elevation, and those who underestimated you will be in awe of what I do. Rise to the occasion, My precious child, as I cause you to suddenly launch to the front and into your chosen placement of sky-high honor. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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