Love Letters

It will show up out of nowhere

A love letter from the Father 


Dear heart, I have overwhelming compassion over your grief and troubles, and I am going to show you My unrelenting love to help you. 


From the deep despair and sorrow of this lowly caterpillar road, I will arise and answer your prayers as I lift you up like a butterfly with golden, glorious new wings. 


Indeed, My dear, I will intervene to raise you over your afflictions, and you’ll be stunned and shocked by the tremendous flow of My power that pours out to cause your life to change in a flicker of a moment. 


Now is the time, My darling, where you will rise out of your sorrows and into celebration. Your prophetic promises are being fulfilled–as I reveal My strength through your life to leave you trembling before My shining glory. 


Believe Me, My beloved, it’s true. From starting in the lowest place, I will cause you to ascend to touch the skies. I will respond to your tearful prayers to perform a miracle and do just as you asked Me to do! 


You will encounter My love resting over you, as My power permeates out. Like a caterpillar with dreams of fluttering up above the clouds, I will catapult you into a celebration of hope and change–as your dream reality comes out. 


My jewel, before we can move into the new life that you are dreaming of, we must lose the growing pains of living like a lowly caterpillar. It’s time to forget the past disappointments and painful things that happened to you. 


No longer look to the past of what has been, but look to what is possible now, as I take you up with brand-new wings! There is victory in your DNA, and My promise will emerge to save the day. 


It all begins with a decision, My darling, like a caterpillar who is born with imaginal disc cells for a caterpillar or butterfly. Are you ready to transform into your dream and rise with Me over the winds of change?


Just beyond the fears that you will face is the freedom that you long to embrace. This is the point where your old story ends and where the indescribable beauty of your new life begins. 


Loveliest one, I am giving you a fresh start, and it is happening now. So let go of the past pain and the way things had to be. Shake off the fears of all the bad things that you dread happening. 


It is the end of yourself, like a caterpillar who enters the cocoon to digest itself. I am causing My promises to fill the space where your past agony and troubles were once being held. 


In order for the caterpillar to morph into a butterfly, the new imaginal discs must replace the old. In the same way, allow My promises to replace how you feel right now, as you surrender to them as though they were already fulfilled. 


Like stars collapsing into a brand-new shimmering light, the breakdown of abandoning your doubts is what is needed for you to come out in the lavish life that I have promised. Renounce the limitations that you see, and trust that everything is different as I cause your hopes to be shaped into your new reality. 


Like the chemical hormones of a butterfly taking over a caterpillars cells, believe that you are no longer plagued by the undesirable things that you have had in your life until now. 


Like a caterpillars brain detecting that the time is right for a miracle transformation, allow yourself to fully yield into this Divinely appointed fulfillment. 


One of the most powerful things that you can do at this moment is to dream and imagine that you have already entered the fulfillment of your hopes. Like a caterpillar that rests in an emerald cocoon, dreaming is the place where your faith starts to move. 


It is a place of settled trust that you have what I have foretold, like attaching your thoughts to a tuft of silk and feeling the bliss that it has happened for you. For truly, My dear, when you believe that you have the prayer, it is done for you.


Like abiding in a shimmering chrysalis, no longer think from a place of lack or separation from My promise. Turning into the dream begins with you, as you change the way that you identify yourself. 


Lose the mental struggle between limitation and abundance, as you dwell in My love and feel the unending possibilities of all I can do. Believe in My power with all of your heart and see yourself as the way that I have promised you to become. Let go of your worries and fly into My love! 


Beloved, move into position for this to happen, as you open your heart to receive by expressing your gratitude. Gratitude is a mindset of certain receiving, and it takes you into the place beyond the fulfillment. 


My dearest little one, do you feel the excitement of the energy shift? The struggles that you have known will suddenly collapse as I cause you to emerge into fulfillment like a butterfly with a new life. 


So much is happening beyond what you can see, as I meet your place of child-like faith to make your dreams flourishing reality. I am creating a masterpiece for you, as the intricate patterns are set together like glittering jewels. 


You will be one of the few who make it through to the end, where you enter your dreams like a butterfly that has encountered a stunning change. I will put your metamorphosis on display, as I reveal your new life of unparalleled beauty and grace. 


My treasure, you have reached the hidden well of My power, as the remarkable story of My promise is unleashed from within. You will experience the power of My life-altering love, as I show you even greater miracles than I have shown you before. 


Be fearless as a butterfly, beloved, From the humble beginning that was pain filled, a secret world of newfound beauty will unfurl. I will show you My glory in indescribable ways, as I cause a miracle to occur right before your eyes. 


You are blessed, My child. Be prepared to witness the indescribable, as I unveil your new beginning in a mosaic of radiant colors. You’ll be a true testament of a life that has been changed, as I cause you to instantly become the embodiment of your dream. 


You’ll emerge from your troubles, like a golden butterfly embracing the sky. No longer will you be bound to the dust of the ground with struggles, and no longer will you be unable to save yourself or remain confined. 


My dear, you are coming out of this time as a masterpiece of extraordinary beauty that floats through the sky. Like a helicopter that shoots over the clouds, you’ll suddenly embark into a blissful new terrain.


No longer will you be hidden in the cocoon of an unlovely metamorphosis, but you will be released to rise and shine as the glorious miracle change appears. 


I am causing you to finally enter the life that you have always dreamed of having. Like a butterfly that shimmers in a pearlescent shine, you’ll be adorned with a heaven kissed life. 


Millions will be captivated by the power that I reveal over your life. With wings of pure gold, you’ll go from being despised and criticized to celebrated and adored. Instead of being ridiculed and ashamed, you’ll be honored more and more. 


In this time, that doesn’t seem possible to survive, I will show up as your Hero to make your dreams come true. Like a butterfly unexpectedly emerging from a cocoon, I will deliver a one-in-a-million breakthrough to release you into the best you ever knew. Everything as you know it is about to change for you…


The secret is this, My child, even though you are expecting this moment to arrive and have fully prepared, it will take you by surprise. I will cause this dream fulfillment to show up out of nowhere, and before you think it is time. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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