Love Letters

This is where the miracle happens

A love letter from the Father



Dear one, I am leading you through a dream garden trellis, where the unseen heart desires are exposed and unhidden. Instead of longing for this outcome so much, you’ll be fully connected as the fulfillment blooms out. 


This will be a very joyous occasion, lovely heart, where the peace is uncontainable, and the support freely flows out. Your dreams will finally start to take shape, and you won’t look anything like what you have been through. 


I am lifting you back to the heights, My beloved, as we turn the next page of this remarkable story. Although you were worried over fearful things taking place, instead you will see how wondrously My arms have held you up. 


You are stepping into another level, My dear, as I cause your hopes to bloom and be openly fulfilled. This bloom is coming out, so make room to receive as you expand your faith and open your heart.  


Let every bad memory go, My darling flower. This is a new day for you, and there is no going back to those times that haunt you and those fears that hinder the new blessings from being done. 


My dear, it is time to remove the resistance that has limited you. Let’s remove the invisible things that have kept you from fully receiving. Instead of going in circles again, I will cause you to move forward with My miracle help. 


Allow your breathing to slow down, as you remember what I promised would come. Calm your emotions as you keep your thoughts clear with only faith-optimism and hopeful imaginations for My promises to appear. 


Focus on My boundless power and not the obstacles that you see in the natural. Don’t allow your worries or logical understanding keep you from having confidence in My power to fulfill all you can dream. Remember that with Me, anything is possible. 


Only listen to what I have said, beloved one, because a miracle is about to happen. Forget your sorrows and worries as you close your eyes to concentrate on My love covering you completely. When I gave you My word of promise, I also filled you with all the power that you needed for it to be done.  


Beloved, go deep into the details that you seek, as you design your requests to be beyond your dreams. Ask without trying to understand or make sense of how it can be done, because all things that you ask for directly will be given to you through My supernatural help. 


Come from the place of feeling that your prayer has already been answered, as you enter into a beautiful space of inner peace of knowing that it is done. Be enveloped by what you desire so that your joy may be full, as you see this happen with the trust and faith of a little child. 


Like wading through a vivid dream, imagine the happy place where you long to be. Picture it as you immerse yourself in the gratitude of this thing being fully received. 


Loveliest one, just for a moment, allow your heart to swell as you inhale the fragrances of your dreams coming out. Come back to the place of child-like wonder, as you believe that it can happen at any second. 


Be ready for an instantaneous bloom at any moment–as you stay alert with excited expectations. After all, I am known for making miracles out of nothing, and I have so much more for you planned and ready!


I will cause your troubles to evaporate as your dreams are materialized out of thin air. Like finding your way to a childhood Never-land, I will fill you with My power to cause you to rise into the air. 


You’ll spread your wings to ride into the skies, as I cause you to effortlessly fly into the night. I will take you exactly to the place where you long to be, a place where you can live out your dreams so freely. 


With each step forward, you will see prayers blooming outward. You’ll suddenly find yourself in the place where you dreamed to be, as I show up swifter than a heartbeat. 


Your sorrows will instantly melt away, as the pretty pink trumpet-shaped petunias show their faces. You’ll be swept off of your feet by the intoxicating aromas of the unique tuberose flowers that open up before you. 


Your dreams will take wings to fly over the wind, as I reveal the secret passages and portals of an awakened dream. It will be a world beyond anything you have believed, as you are intimately relieved from your burdens to feel as weightless as the sunlight.


Oh, the details will be too much for you, as the multi-hued Hollyhocks align themselves front and center. To your delight, you will see what you have prayed take place, as the pink lily of the valley flowers become so real that they seem unreal in the same way. 


This is where the miracle happens, My dearest darling, as you arrive at the whimsical place that I have shown you in the night. My generous gifts will be such a surprise—as I prove to look over you and treat you right.  


Out of the blue, I will reveal My face. It will be a surprise that you just can’t explain! You simply cannot comprehend how it can be, as I move right before you without being seen. 


This is your miracle happy hour, My child, where you will feel the immensity of My warm, soothing comfort. The tears that you wept when you were all by yourself are coming back as the sweetest garden candy tuft flowers. 


Your joy will be uncontainable, as you see how I have cared for you so generously, once again. Your story is going to make the headlines, as I bring you out of your hiding place and into the light. 


Instead of being cast out and rejected, you will be sought out and highly respected. The flowers of this miracle bloom will be the proof of your comeback. You’ll walk among the treetops, as I honor your trust and loyalty. 


The coral bell flowers will dance gracefully in your garden, as the pink oleanders reveal their spectacular splendor. Rather than walking barefoot through the ashes, you’ll soar through the sky into indescribable heights. 


Beloved heart, your reward for having faith in Me will be immense! I will show you a miracle-wonder love that far exceeds anything that you have known—or have ever hoped to know. 


Your dreams are coming into full bloom, and you will receive all that you have believed and hoped to be true. I will reveal Myself to you through an unforgettable sight to change everything overnight. 


I will show up before you expect Me to, with a surprise followed by more surprises. The blushing balloon flowers will suddenly burst into bloom, to deliver the ultimate element of astonishment to you! 


Scribed by Dannette Ward







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