Love Letters

From the Ground Up

A love letter from the Father 



There is a lot of movement going on at the moment, My treasure. So much more than you realize! This is a new beginning coming out for you, where a very painful past becomes the most beautiful future. 


Things just got more rewarding for you! I am bringing you before those who will help Me elevate you, as I cause you to ascend into a very desirable destination of dreams coming true. 


Those obstacles that have hurt you the most have become the stepping stones that will take you to the best life you have ever known. I will swiftly cause you to rise from the ground up, as you leave behind your sorrows to enter a copious and luxurious life. 


My dear, you have dreamed too much to allow yourself a negative thought, because those negative things are blocking the fulfillment of all you are wanting to see. Let this be your fearless turning point, as you get out of your own way by only allowing thoughts of optimistic faith.  


Choose this day a blessing instead of a curse, as you release yourself from wavering between faith and doubt. No longer allow those fears to talk you out of seeing the answer to your prayers coming to the surface. 


Make a clean cut from fear, worry, and doubting–because the path to your dreams begins with a decision. Finally, embrace the freedom of believing completely in faith, as you break out of those limiting circumstances that stand in your way.


Whatever you believe is a mentally received, so believe in only the very best. My beautiful one, become the most decisive person that you have ever been, as you release your fears once and for all, like a tree letting go of its golden leaves as a surrender into autumn elegance.


My darling, don’t wait to see what you have prayed to be done, but you allow yourself to feel it and become it now. What you feel is the reality of what you believe to be real, and it is the purest form of faith to ignite the fruition of things. 


Dear little one, I am materializing your dreams on every level. Yet, let Me prepare you for this, because you are getting way more than you hoped or imagined! Expect to receive more, more, more…because the rewards for your persevering faith are coming out as tangible. 


Beloved one, you have been through so much, and I am going to start taking you up and up. I am lifting you into a remarkable place, where you can experience a break from living through tears and pain. 


It will be a time of peace, like going on the retreat of your dreams. Just as recess is the favorite part of elementary school, this next chapter will be one of great joy and relief from the pressure. It will be a time to remember how to laugh and have fun!


You are entering into a gateway to the magnificent, as I raise you to a next level experience of sky-high limits. I will cover you under My wings, as I care for you in a secret and secluded place, where your enemies cannot catch you. 


You’ll be comforted from your grief, as I nestle you in the mountain of My security. I will make blessings easier for you to gather, as I give you convenient access to My bountiful storehouse of hidden diamonds. 


I will place you in the palm of My hand, where the wicked cannot afflict you as they have. Like being in a mansion dug out of a sandstone mountain, I will protect you from enemy plots and from colossal disasters coming close. 


My lovely gem, you are about to be taken into an exhilarating ascent! Unfathomable possibilities will open up, and instead of having no way to move forward–you won’t be able to choose from the countless blessings before you! 


I will do the work for you, as I lift you into an effortless and spectacular view. This will be a rise that doesn’t go down, but keeps going higher and higher! I will reveal inexpressible beauty to you, as I take you through serene secret trails and show you the stunning geological formations. 


I will cause you to experience untamed beauty, as I open a door for you that changes everything. You are sure to encounter a jaw-dropping display of My power, as I take you from the rocky bottom to the loftiest mountaintop. 


As you ascend, the miraculous will unfold, as I adorn you with a spectacular allurement too immense to speak about. You will surely marvel in this unforgettable experience, as I take you into the heights that dreams are all about. 


From the mist-shrouded peaks, I will show Myself to you in a way that is too wonderful to describe. You will see the grand arrival of My promise playing like a movie right before your eyes. Beloved, brace yourself for an incredibly fast rise, I take you from the ground up—in record time! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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