Love Letters

It Will Happen So Fast

A love letter from the Father


Allow Me to give you some peace of mind, My darling. Nothing bad is going to happen to you through this journey, I promise. I will be there to take care of you, just as I vowed, and I will bring into the place that I have been talking about. 


I have a plan for you, My cherished one, and I will show you My favor all over again. Your footsteps are being carefully covered, as I lead you through the trail of materialized promise. 


You are on a path made with care and love, and you can be certain that I will cause your hopes to happen. I have surrounded you in My Sovereign peace and protection. From having nothing, you will suddenly have everything! 


Beloved child, make peace with where you are at this time and fall in love with this story that I have made for your life. Embrace the beauty of being vulnerable as you no longer take on the shame of being so different. The place of your vulnerability is the place where My power will be seen, as I cause My glory to explode from your weakness and needs. 


Surely you will see a flurry of My goodness arrive from out of nowhere, as I wrap you in My outstanding power to cause you to accumulate hidden riches like ever-increasing sheets of shimmering snow tufts. 


Dear heart, don’t take the oppositions that you see so seriously, this is supposed to be an enjoyable moment of encountering My ever-present love and affections! There is nothing to be terrified of, I have you in a place of safety and I won’t allow you to fall or be consumed by those troublesome circumstances. 


Look forward to each minute ahead, because there is sheer loveliness on the horizon. This is a new day, full of new experience! Start fresh, as you forget all the bad that you went through and open yourself up to expect to see the best days opening up to you.


I will continue to sustain you in every way and I will cover all of your needs, like fresh blankets of comforting snowflakes. I am here, My darling, and I am raising you over these problems. 


Like instantly seeing sparkling flickers of snow fluttering from the clouds, I will make you forget this grief and those overwhelming troubles. You will have instant relief from the pressure and pain, as I show up with a blizzard of fulfilled longings. 


Like being numb from the cold wintry days, you will no longer feel that agonizing pain from the fire and heat. You have waited, My beautiful one, and now I am coming to open this promised door up. 


I will turn this bitter experience into the sweetest dream, as I heap you up with the indulgent weight of My personal love touching your reality. Like snow falling in buckets over the mountains, the weight of My blessings will shake you free of your struggles. 


I will raise you over the limitations that have held you back, as I spectacularly reveal you as one that I have deeply loved so much. I will present you with a very special gift, to announce that you are favored, chosen, and blessed. 


Remember what I have promised, dear one, and be immersed in the joy of it coming! Where you were given setbacks and sorrows, I am giving you a bounce back and extraordinary pleasures. 


My beauty, be ready to experience the joy of liberation. You are stepping into an amazing chapter, and there will be lavishly more than enough to cover all that you are needing. 


You, and all those who have been watching, will celebrate in how wondrously I help you! I will rescue you from where you are stuck, like causing an avalanche to quickly launch from its starting zone. 


You will encounter My kindness and generosity from the highest mountain tops. I am raising you into a whole new life, as I wrap you in favorable honors and faith-rewarding times. 


My all-powerful hand will bring you out of those restricting situations, as I lift you from out of your needs to be seated in the opulence of champagne dreams and caviar kisses. 


Loveliest one, believe in what I am saying and trust in My promises. I will surely uphold My words, and bring you into a lasting fulfillment. Let every choice that you make be driven by a mindset of abundance and faith. 


My dearest darling, push back against the fear and doubting, like pushing a boulder off of a mountain. Give up your reasoning of trying to figure out “how”, as you release yourself from the limitations that block My endless abundance from coming out now. 


Do not shrink back with fear or doubt, but open yourself up to the fullness of being so deeply loved. Come, My beautiful heart, to a complete surrender into love. Give yourself in all abandon to what I have promised, as you live from a place of endless blessings, with no more doubting. 


Release the uncertainties and reasoning, as you simply accept My promises as your present reality, like a fully trusting child. No longer think about things that you would not want to go through. Your life is shaped by your thoughts and beliefs made tangible. 


Believe that you can afford anything you want or need, as you allow yourself the permission to enter into a brand-new place. Believe that it has already happened, and I will give you an experience to match your decision. 


You will witness an amazing thing, as I do something tremendous for you that reveals My power and strength. I will cause My promise to suddenly show up, like a fast falling avalanche of glorious snow heaped up. 


This will be a truly beautiful thing, as My love emerges to help you like majestic powdery snow that glitters. My hand over your life will shimmer with power, as I shatter your oppressors, like a giant mass of snow that races like broken glass down the cliff edges. 


Now, please, be ready to receive this uncommon miracle of My tangible power. I will cause the prosperity of My promise to come like massive slabs of concentrated snow that breaks loose from the mountainside. 


I am getting you out of the place of being limited and confined, as I put on an indescribable show of My glorious strength and true might. You’ll see what you have clung to believe, as I overload you with a fulfillment like a quick deluge of lavish snow from a sudden avalanche being released. 


Like a large cluster of snow that gathers more and more as it rushes down the mountainside, I will cause the fulfillment to arrive with a seismic impact that leaves you speechless with surprise.


I will personally and powerfully lift you over your enemies, as I bring you to feast on My indulgent richness. I will send avalanches of abundance with full force, to give you the power that you need for an epic finale of becoming an instant success story. 


Everything that I have described will delightfully come alive right before your eyes. Instead of waiting and waiting, you will finally be able to touch and see what you have dreamed for your life.


Blessings will arrive back to back, and you’ll be wafting through the beauty of a flourishing paradise, as I reveal the piles of glittering snow that look like the richest layers of a cake with candied frosting. 


It will happen so fast, My beloved heart, as I cause everything to completely change overnight. Like the ever-changing weather on the mountainside, the conditions can change more rapidly than you realize! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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