Love Letters

I am always full of surprises


A love letter from the Father 



Don’t worry, dear heart, I have your back. I know about every need that you have, before it ever arrives. I have a plan and every detail has been covered. Everything will work out splendidly, and you will not be hurt through this time or put to shame. 


Just relax, everything will come to you right on time. I am always protecting your best interest, and you are always the center of My attention. Recline into Me as you trust Me to be the stable Source to supply everything. 


Put your worries into My care and then leave them there. Lean into trusting Me and watch as I cause unfathomable blessings to unfold. Everything will be covered with wonderful ease. I am always full of surprises! 


My dearest darling, I will send you ever-increasing support in expected and unexpected ways. Absolutely anything can be done at any given moment. You simply cannot comprehend how deeply I am going to bless you! 


The unimaginable beauty of this story is finally unfolding. Soon you will understand the purpose beyond this uncommon path that you have had to travel. Expect things to get better and better as My promises start to flow into your life like free flowing water. 


I have placed you on a path to abundance and those things that have been blocking your way have already been removed with My grace giving power. Plan to experience more and more of My intentional love, as I show up and show off to deliver flowering bouquets of tangible promise to you!  


Expect the rate of your receiving to pick up speed, as I accelerate you into the loveliness of this story. My endless support is flowing in to help you to venture into a brand-new journey. I am moving in ways that you cannot see, and I will cause a million little miracles to come out naturally. 


Beloved, let the wonder and joy return to your eyes, as you look to see what kind of gifts I have inside this time. You are going to love this season even more than you think, and you will see how much I love to surprise you with good things! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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