Love Letters

This is Your Breakthrough Moment

A love letter from the Father


My dearest darling, dry your tears and take a deep breath. Haven’t I always been there to help? I know right where you are at this moment and all that you are needing so much. Although your eyes have been raining tears, I will cause those same tears to return to you like stars that sparkle like diamonds. 


I will intervene to help you, and I will hit your enemies where it hurts. Surely, your enemies will be fully repaid for attacking you in this vulnerable place. I will be there as a robust knight to lift you up from this unwarranted attack and to shield you from the ferocious wrath of the enemy armies. 


Rest here, My treasure. You are rooted into the care and protection of My never-ending promise. There is never a time when you are separated from My unquenchable love. 


Even though your foes may laugh at your sorrows and rejoice in your hunger, I have surrounded you with a thousand legends of glorious angels to give you a victory through this stormy night with a breakthrough moment. 


I assure you, My beloved, you are breaking out into this manifested promise. There is nothing that can stop what I have proclaimed. Like a star being birthed through a bitterly frigid cloud, inside the unimaginable coldness of the warfare that you are facing–My words are like cosmic seeds for you to enter into the life that you were promised. 


It may seem like time has stopped, and you may feel forgotten or no longer of importance. Yet, let me comfort you with great news! When it seems like you are being abandoned is the moment when your breakthrough happens. 


It is like a star being born through a time that looks like the end. Within the warfare of the cold galactic cloud, there is an intense battle raging on. The movement of molecules within slow down, the movement seems to be blocked. 


In the sad moment when it looks like the foe of gravity has won the battle, something amazing begins to happen… The freezing cloud contracts and the plot thickens. The pressure is intense as more gas and dust are pulled in. It seems like the adversary of gravity has conquered the war, until everything collapses into a nebular explosion. 


Like a nebula explosion announcing a star, like the birth of a promise…this is your breakthrough moment. My loveliest star, I have not ignored your petitions and sorrows, I have been preparing to move you into this promise. 


The seeds that were buried deep within are being pushed out. All the faith that you endured under pressure has helped you to enter this magnificent moment! Like a star driving away the strong winds of resistance, what looked like the end is your new beginning. 


Beloved child, I have heard your cries all day, and I was beside you when you felt all alone. Things are moving quickly now, because I am so ready to deliver all that you have requested. 


Oh, yes! You can always count on My support, even if there is no one left to care or reach out. I will be your Hero to help, as the undefeatable Champion that you can always depend on! I am giving you the best of the best–and I am going to do it all in an instant! 


My presence is taking over your situations, as I show up with incomprehensible power to clear the air and bring plush support. I will set you free from feeling imprisoned, and I will give you extra comforts to help you breathe better. 


 My lovely one, get ready to see what you have been praying come in a sudden flash to be an ever-present help. You will see that this was not the end at all, but this is your breakthrough moment to shine like a star. 


I will show up as the power that you need to get through this resistance, and your sorrows will suddenly be transformed into a glittering, stellar nursery of indulgent provisions. 


Not only that, but I will make up for your mistreatment that you received, as I cause a multitude to bless you right from Me. Instead of being lowly and forgotten, I will lavishly place you in a seat of high regard and significant honor. Instead of being discredited and disgraced, you’ll shine as the brightest and the best like a shimmering star high in your appointed place. 


Oh, My dear, the miracles are coming! Be expecting a sudden boost of My support, because the conditions are ripe for an abundance. Expect lots and lots of rain–as I overflow you with more than you are needing!


Not only will it rain out opulent riches, but from the battles and attacks like the condensing of molecular clouds, it will be raining glittering stars of tangible promises. 


The same tears that you cried over this moment are being recycled into raindrops of glory stars. The pressure and pain of the collapse has released even more blessings, like gas fragments, forming big batches of newborn clouds. 


A tremendous harvest of beauty is coming out, from beyond the pain of this moment. The streams of golden camel caravans are pouring in, and the blessings are about to be seen in a countless and endless array of lavish provisions. 


I will make this an unforgettable sight, as I show the world how I have made everything right. My intervention to adorn your life in rich, tangible blessings will happen–and it will be the most beautiful sight to behold from any direction.


Like a shining star that is so vast and grand–I will transform your life to be a celestial wonder that is more magnificent than anyone can understand. Do not fear, My precious little one, this is not the time when you fall to be humiliated and broken, this is the spectacular display of your breakthrough moment! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward





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