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Winds into Blessings


Last night, the Lord gave me a personal love letter that was about changing the winds of warfare into blessings. That is what a windmill or wind turbine does…it uses the headwinds that come against it to turn them into powerful energy. That energy can be used to draw up water from deep underground and be an effortless place of support.ย 


Someone had recently read my book of testimonies from this journey called, Naked Wings, and she said that if she had to choose another name for the book, it would have been “relentless headwinds”. A headwind is a wind that blows from the front to try to stop or block forward movement.ย 


That is so much of what this journey has been for me, there has been constant “winds of warfare” and resistance because of all that God has planned ahead for this story. However, in the personal letter that God made, He promised to be the “tailwind” that comes from behind to push us forward and make us rise.ย 


God promised that for every attack, it would be changed into a blessing. You simply cannot curse what God has blessed. That letter of turning the winds of attack into the power to move forward into MORE blessings inspired me to offer a SURPRISE sale on personal love letters for today.ย 


May this moment be a turning point, like the blades of a wind turbine that turns the attacks into blessings and power to increase for anyone who receives.ย 


A personal prophetic love letter acts like a windmill to turn the warfare into powerful blessings being made tangible.


Sign up for your personal prophetic love letter here. You will receive your personalized prophetic letter via email as a PDF. Please allow plenty of time to receive.ย 


Love you! God bless you with DOUBLE!ย 


Love, Dannetteย

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