Love Letters

Things can change in a heartbeat

A love letter from the Father



Don’t be discouraged, My dearest darling. Things can change in a heartbeat. Once again, the scene will shift, just as you are facing those terrible difficulties. I will rescue you from your distress, and I will carry you into something that you will deeply love.


Beloved heart, know this, I will stand up for you and give you overwhelming help in that place that makes you feel so powerless. Nothing that you fear will be done, instead I am giving you the opposite with a very good outcome. I am enforcing your justice now, My treasure, as I take you away into the safe harbor of My unbreakable promises. 


You’ll be comforted from your anguish and stress, as I lift away the heavy load that has weighed you down so much. I am shattering the burdens that feel like a prison, and I am silencing the opposition, so that the pressure is gone. 


I will make a way for you to move into what you desire, like a magnificent boat that plows through the piled up snow and ice without effort. You’ll breathe deeply again, and it will feel like you are dreaming as I whisk you away into the ultimate experience of comfort. 


This time, things will finally be just as I promised. No more will you be bound by the same horrible troubles, and you will know no more of those painful struggles. I’m making up for the harm that you endured, and no longer will you have the worries of more bad things that could occur. 


From the place of immense sorrow and discomfort, I am guiding you into a place of pure indulgence. Although the avalanches and floods tried to take you out, there is nothing that could ever separate you from My endless love. 


Soon you will see, My loveliest child, that the difficult journey will prove to be worthwhile! My promise to you has been like a rose of intentional love, and the roots of My plans for you have reached deeper than the winter frost and highest snow. 


I will personally carry you with My gentle hands and I will bring you into My very magnificent plans. I will restore the happiness of your heart, as I comfort you from the icy warfare with something deliciously comforting and warm. 


See, My dear one, look closely. Even though it seems like you are buried under a mountain of troubles and your needs are like an accumulation of darkness, I will cause My bright glory to rise over you and I will lift you out of the place of survival. 


There is nothing in the seen or unseen that can prevent me from showing you how much I love you! So lift your chin up, because the next stop of this expedition is going to be truly unforgettable.


Every petal of My promise has been preserved, and I am going to deliver you the fulfilled roses of My words. Be of good cheer, My sweet little one, because My tangible glory is shining over you now. 


It will be like encountering the midnight sun, as My light breaks through to be your ever-present help. This will be unlike anything you have seen before, and you won’t return to the sorrows of before. 


Instead, I am giving you the transformation that I have proclaimed, like the midnight sun that shines brightly all night long and all throughout the day. 


I will put on a breathtaking display and I will give you an encounter that seems so heavenly. The tales of what I have done for you will spread throughout the earth, and people will be drawn to hear about the excellent reports. 


I will draw a multitude in to witness Me give you an indescribable transformation. They will all gather in, as I lift you up from out of the grief that has been. Instead of facing hardships and the lamenting of sorrowful cries, I will whisk you away into the ultimate glacier paradise. 


This will be an encounter unlike anything else, as you arrive at a fairy tale experience in a wondrous, shimmering ice cavern that sparkles like a diamond. I will transport you into a surreal atmosphere that is an experience better than anything you have ever known. 


There will be a plethora of jewels deep within, and I will sweep you off of your feet with a picturesque cyan lagoon beside magnificent crystal clear icebergs. 


The sight will be a wonder to your eyes, as I grace you with the beauty that is too good to describe. Truly, beloved, it will be beyond what your words can explain, as you collect luminous pearls into your hands and see how sparking diamonds appear in the black sand. 


Cherished one, never underestimate how extravagant personal My love can be. My Sovereign words will never fail to bring you more prosperity than you have ever seen. I am going to bring you into the dream of all dreams!


The weight of your burdens and needs are being lifted away, and the pressure from the demands will completely evaporate. I will cause the power of My promise to emerge from the inside out–and you’ll be free to do all you have been dreaming about. 


You’ll step into the whimsical world of a brand-new life, as I cause beauty to emerge like a dazzling crystal cave made of pure ice. 


I will make things turn out just as you prayed, and the fears that you have had won’t happen at all. You’ll suddenly find yourself at a spectacular two–tiered waterfall, that glitters like the bluest sapphires. 


Instead of sleeping with sorrows day after day, I will carry you into an amazing beauty getaway. You’ll step into the change that you have been longing to see, as a tangible dream that defies all expectations becomes your new reality.  


I am causing you to encounter a love so strong that it makes you forget about every moment of grief. Like a crimson rose opening each petal, I will envelop you in the sweet fragrance that lingers beyond any of your troubles. 


From having to walk as the lowest, you’ll stand above the rest in My loveliest flower bed. You’ll be a rose that is free of thorns, and only your beauty will be exposed from now on. 


Things can change in a heartbeat, so be ready to receive a surprise treat! I will give you the liberation that you crave, as I put My marvelous love for you on an exquisite display. The ruby red roses will dance in the wind, as I take you into a lofty new experience. 


Each day will become more beautiful than the one before, as I take you into the fairy tale story that you have been waiting for. You’ll have a miracle transformation that everyone will see, and yet nothing will compare to the feeling of being so free. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward





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