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The Only One Who is Strong Enough



Following God through the “Aspen Trees” of this new journey has been a series of taking very careful steps in close dependence on God and all He promised. When we first started out, it was a really bumpy path with many twists and turns. 


God led us to different little towns that surrounded the big city almost every other day. We were constantly on the go, and I often didn’t know where God would move us next until it was time to take a step. However, God gave us a chance to catch our breath and has kept us in the same little hotel in a quiet wooded town for the past month. 


There have been times when God clearly sent what was needed to cover each night of refuge, and there were times when we had to narrowly escape the treacherous place of falling by making very strategic moves. 


Through it all, I have held onto a promise in God’s word that He has spoken over me so many times, it is His promise to not drop us or not let us fall. That promise is: 


…..“I will never [under any circumstances] desert you [nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless], nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you [assuredly not]!”

Hebrews 13:5. 


The promise is all about trusting God to support us and to not put our trust in man or money to hold us up. For me, my promise of God to support us on this journey is not about money as the root, but it is about being loved, held, and cared for. It is about God keeping His promise and being faithful to it. 


Last night, I was under a great deal of pressure because I didn’t know how we were going to cover the next morning. I didn’t know how God was going to get the support that He promised to send to us to cover our room, and nothing seemed to be coming. 


Then someone reached out to me and expressed that they were sending me a financial blessing through a transaction that I would need to pick up at the store. I was so relieved that there was going to be help, and I was able to go to sleep without the worries of what would happen the next morning. 


However, in the night God told me of an attack against me, and He said “It is raining broken china, but I will feed you”


What God was telling me was there was an attack against us receiving provision to eat or have refuge, but that God would show His Sovereign power to hold us up and support us. Because nothing can quench the love of God, and His promise is His expression of intentional love. 


By faith that morning, I went to the store and I waited to hear that I was able to pick up what was supposed to be sent. I wait, and waited, waited. I finally realized that nothing was coming, and I was heavily burdened with the weight of how we would be supplied. 


I cried…actually, I sobbed my eyes out all the way back to the hotel, and then I spent hours weeping in the hotel bed. I was broken…. I couldn’t understand how someone could not care… But then God moved in a way that I never expected and that didn’t make sense, and He covered us just as He promised. I am still in awe and trying to understand it all. 


As hurt as I was, I realized that I was the problem. I put my faith and expectations in certain people to care for us instead of putting all the weight of my burdens on God. I always know when I am not putting the weight of my burdens on God, because I normally have some kind of frustration, stress, or worry. 


After, I broke down and cried for most of the day. I had to get my attitude right and balance my core. I needed to go back to my foundation of God’s promise and put all of my weight and all of my needs on Him….and not anyone or anything else. 


When we put the weight of our needs on a person, then we can get hurt and broken, and nobody is meant to carry such heaviness without God’s help. My needs are very heavy because of what God has asked me to do through this, so I have to always make sure that I am only putting the weight of my burdens on Him. 


When we place our weight on people, we can end up broken, like china glass. But if we put our weight on God, then He will be the Source to hold us up and provide for all of our needs. 


I never know how God is going to send the next day’s needs. I don’t even know how God is sending what we need for the morning. The only way that I can breathe through the pressure of it all is to place the weight of what I need on God and then let it go and trust Him to be strong enough to honor His words. 


I have to become like a butterfly that is weightless, but trusting God to carry all of my burdens, so I can flutter up to the clouds. That is probably one of the hardest things I have had to learn to do–to let go of my fears and worries. 


When I am holding onto my fears and worries, they are overwhelming, and sometimes those worries start to flood in. It is like a boat or a vehicle in the water. The vehicle sinks when the water gets inside. 


I was drowning today in fears and worries, and I am human enough to admit how imperfect I am at times. Walking each day in an unfamiliar place with no way to know how to cover the next meal or bed is terrifying. 


Anytime I think of my fears and worries of falling, I cry and get flooded with all those heavy troubles. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that I forget all that God has promised, and I don’t even want to exist a minute more. 


Living this way and being so completely alone with nothing but God’s presence and promise has been the biggest faith exercise of my life. When I am overwhelmed with burdens, I can’t take it. 


But when I close my eyes and imagine that I am already in all that God promised, then I am light as a butterfly and free as a bird. That is when I experience the joy and love of being cared for by God. 


Before we left back in July to this new place of depending on God to cover us through such a troublesome time, I had an encounter with God. God started to sing a song over me while I slept, and He said, “I care about you” and then He showed me visions of freedom. He promised to reward me for following Him on this journey and that the comforts would be endless…


Mingled in the encounter were promises from God to release us into the total financial freedom, where we can do all that He has called us to do. Then there was another encounter, and I was laying on the couch with my back out in the open. 


My back was not covered by the blanket and it was exposed and cold. Then God walked up behind me and covered me in a warm, cozy blanket and held me in a loving embrace. It was the best feeling I could imagine, being cared for, covered, loved and held. 


I wanted that moment to last forever. I think of that moment whenever I am facing the pain of needing a miracle to cover our need that God promised to cover… I am thinking about that right now. There is nothing better in the world than knowing that you are loved and cared for. 


When I am plagued with the pain of feeling like no one cares if we died or lived, I think of that encounter with God and I can rest peacefully in knowing that God cares about us with the deepest compassion and love. 


I could never do this without the love of God holding me each step of the way. It’s too much…my human body cannot bear the weight of such a painful burden. I am so thankful that God cares and God holds us in His love and promises. 


God loves us more than anyone else in the world ever could. God is the only one who is strong enough to carry the heavy weight of our burdens, and He is ready to take those painful things away so that He can cover us and help us rest in being so completely cared for and loved. ♡ Freedom starts with letting go and letting God. 


casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully]. 1 Peter 5:7


I love you! Thank you for caring! Dannette

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