Love Letters

Another Moment That Takes Your Breath Away

A love letter from the Father


My dear, everything will be just fine. Just breathe through this, as you inhale My love all over again. Exhale and enjoy this moment that I have provided. You have no reason to be afraid or dread anything bad coming. 


My promises will be kept and there are no gloomy rain clouds to dread. You can let your guard down… I have you protected. It’s true, My rose, I am keeping you safe from enemy plans and from those who stand in judgement against this path that I have placed you on. 


Enjoy your new place of quiet respite, My loveliest one. You are far too blessed to ever be stressed over fearful events that will never be done. This is a time when I will honor your life and cause you to rise into the fullness of who you were planted to be. 


Let Me lighten your load, dear one, there is peace reserved for you in this storm. Rest your head on My shoulder, and allow Me to be the pillow to comfort you with more and more. My little child, don’t be discouraged, you will not be put to shame, I assure you. 


Roll your worries onto Me, and trust Me to give you the opposite outcome of what you fear being done. Rest in the words that I have promised, as you trust Me with a heart in all abandon. My beauty, I will do exactly as I have promised, and now I am causing your reputation to grow and flourish, as I reveal you as a treasured rose of My very heart. 


Take the risk of pushing past every fear and voice of criticism, like a flower growing through the dirt. Let every worrisome thought go, as you expect Me to overwhelm you with My miracle love in more ways than you hope. My dear one, surrender to love as you come into a sacrifice of optimistic trust. This is the beginning of something beautiful! I am giving you a bouquet of comfort to make up for the sorrowful troubles. 


Beloved, forget about what others may think or say, there are some who ignorantly choose to misunderstand and twist what you speak. Keep your eyes on Me as you push through the dirt to rise as one of the most beautiful roses ever made. 


You are My rose, My hidden jewel. How a rose is harvested determines the quality of the scent and the beauty of her bloom. I have made the details of your life with exquisite detail, and I will reveal the beauty of My plans for you to be seen as I intended them to be. 


There is a specific reason for every turn of events, and I will cause all to understand this uncommonly beautiful way that I have taken you through. Everything will come together perfectly in the end. 


You are blossoming into so much more than anyone yet sees…and soon the full picture of what I have been doing in your life will be fully understood and more captivating than what anyone believes. 


It is safe to be seen, My treasure, so have the courage to be who you are without reserve or apologies. You are protected on every side and I will shelter you from all harm. I will speak on your behalf, as I vindicate you over the assaults. 


Allow your vulnerability to be seen, it’s part of the beauty that you are. Strong like a rose, but delicate as a tender flower, a sheer beauty among the thorns. Hidden among the thorns, your humility accents your exquisiteness, and your weakness is the perfect conduit to reveal My power. I will use your vulnerable situation to lift you up as one of My honored ones. 


There is only one you, and I love you just the way that you are. You are right in My eyes, and every step that you have taken was ordered by My leading. Shake off the dirt of other’s opinions, because they do not know what I am doing through you at this time. 


I have been with you through each moment, and I am with you today. You are being raised up over those who have insulted your name, as I place you into an honorable place where the spreaders of violence cannot reach. I will restore you from the place where you were treated as an outcast, and overlooked. Instead, you will beam with My beauty beyond measure, I reveal you as one of My brightest and best kept treasures of all. 


I am lifting you up, to be fully seen, as I reveal you as My cherished rose and set you in your chosen place. You will quickly rise from your humble place, as My precious rose, whom I dearly love. A rose was never meant to be hidden, rather it was made to be adored. 


Allow yourself to rise with the Vine and trust My kindness to honor your prayers. I will always go above and beyond for you, My deeply loved child. I will not fail to remember you, but I will celebrate you as one of My best kept flowers. 


Like a ruby red rose towering over the dirt, I am doing something lavishly beautiful for you in the contrast of those agonizing hardships. Because I love you so very much, I am giving you a double blessing as an extra generous gift. 


Instead of going through what you fear or dread–I will shower you in generous gifts of My love. It is smooth sailing from here, My dear, as the petals of beauty unfold all at once. You will be met with lavish gifts from My secret reserves, as I show you an endless array of love-support that goes on and on for miles.


Smile, beloved! I have marked you with favor and blessings! Like a rose standing tall, I am causing you to blossom into a loftier height. The sweet aroma of My rescuing love is here, to give you an experience that you deeply desire. 


Something will suddenly happen to cause you to feel the freedom of My love, like a mountain breeze blowing the fragrance of flowers through the air. You will have an instant relief, to remind you that I am your Sovereign strength over this place and time. 


The next luxury is coming, as I make this time to be as good as I promised! My dearest darling, prepare to be amazed by My next move, as I show up with another moment that takes your breath away and feels so good to you!



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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