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The meaning of poppies and more!



Whenever I receive a Personal Prophetic Love Letter or Treasure Mapping for someone, or even myself, God always speaks to me through a symbolic sign. It is often nature related, but sometimes it is not. 


Just yesterday, God gave me a prophetic love letter about an industrial crane. The topics are without limit, and it is always like unwrapping a gift from God. I never know what each individual “symbol” will be for each person. 


I love the way that God communicates with me through this way because it is like I can see His creation dancing with His Spirit and words. I think the most exciting part is finding out which symbol God will have me write about for each person. 


It reminds me of the “mystery gifts” that some stores give. With a mystery gift, you pay a certain amount, and then you get to see what is inside after you receive it. It is a treasure! 


That is how the prophetic gifts that God has me offer are like. They are treasures, and you never know what your prophetically chosen topic will be until it’s time to unwrap the treasure and enjoy. 


I decided to share with you some of my favorite and surprising symbols that God has used for me to write about or even for myself, just to give you a “peek” into how fun it is to unwrap a symbol from God. 


Here are just a handful! ❤️


Koala: A koala is a sign of an early arrival of what you were promised, what you hope, or what you have been praying to be done. The koala baby is born premature, and then it is “hidden” in the mother’s pouch before it is fully developed. It is born earlier than most. 


A pearly nautilus shell: Things will be getting better and improved. You will move from glory to glory. A pearly nautilus grows with its shell into better and better. Bigger and bigger. It never goes backwards into smaller places. Expect to expand and encounter even better than before!


Owl: An owl is a sign of an unexpected, sudden blessing that you didn’t see coming. The own can fly and hunt without making a sound. It will show up from behind you, and you will not see it arriving until the blessing is suddenly tangible. 


Airplane: An event or elevation from God that happens superfast and takes you super high. When we hear the sounds of the jet, we hear it after it has already passed us by because it moves so incredibly fast. Similarly, this thing will happen so fast that it will make your head spin! 


Panda: A panda is a sign of love being restored between relationships and miscommunications being resolved. The panda is the universal sign of peace in China and similarly, love is the universal language that overcomes all language barriers. Love is the language that brings people back together. It is also a sign of opposites attracting, with the mingling of black and white colors. A panda means love restored, reconciled and people coming back together. 


Zebra: Zebra is many things. For one, it is a sign of a hidden blessing. In the night, the zebra is almost invisible in the African savanna because of how the stripes come together as an optical illusion. Zebra is a sign of being hidden and protected, for the same reason. 


Zebra is also a sign of opposites attracting as two hearts come together to make the perfect match, like black and white stripes that are perfectly aligned and yet completely different. 


Pink Flamingo: often a sign to think thoughts of faith, because it will cause the beauty on the inside to come out. It is also a sign of rising after a difficult time or receiving success after failure. The pink flamingo lawn ornament went through a time when it was very successful, then it plummeted and “fell” low, but rose up to even greater heights of honor and love–more than ever before. Expect to see overnight success! 


Avocado: Sudden success or inventing something that brings wealth. The person that discovered the Hass avocado did so by accident, and that “mistake” became famous and well-loved. Likewise, this means that you will stumble onto an idea or invention that will set you up financially and for life! 


Saturn or the Moon: Hidden money is going to be revealed. Both the moon and Saturn seem like desolate places, yet there is hidden water deep within the glass pebbles of the moon and there is hidden water on the Enceladus moon on Saturn. 


Baobab tree: Hidden riches. The baobab tree, also known as the “tree of life” stores immense water in its trunk to endure the driest desert condition. You will thrive and flourish at time when you would be likely to not survive. 


Rabbit: a miracle, an answered prayer. I have talked about this before, but a rabbit often appears to me before God does a miracle. Like a dear friend of mine once said from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, “watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”. 


Pizza: a prophecy is fulfilled. God often shows me pizza when a prophecy is being fulfilled. It is like how we place the order (by believing) and God delivers the meal for us to enjoy. 


Banana: Tangible hopes, hopes coming true, it will be the opposite of what you fear. A banana that is ripe has no bitterness at all. It is indulgent and filling and absolutely so sweet. That is what it tastes like when our hopes come true. 


Tomato: A harvest of what you have prayed for, a harvest of your faith coming out. Tomatoes have been a sign of harvest to me for a long time, ever since God had me become close to someone who grows them in her garden. An heirloom tomato is the richest kind of reward. 


Mushrooms: rapid, sudden manifestation of support, or provisions for needs, riches. Mushrooms are a hidden source of food, and they show up out of nowhere and rapidly spread. When God shows me a mushroom, He shows me that something that I need will show up fast and out of the blue…and it will be multiplied. 


Turtle: Fulfilled promise, because I love turtles and when they show up in the water or on land, it is like finding a treasure. 

Also, turtles are a sign of age reversal, because the turtle is practically ageless and scientific studies have even shown that sometimes they age in reverse. 


Black (the color): God’s Sovereign power, wealth. One way that black is described is the complete absorption of light. When God shows me black for a person, it means that His Sovereign power will be fully absorbed and made manifest in their life and situation. 


Red (the color): Being rescued by Jesus, Blood of the lamb. 


Pistachios: Unhidden riches. Pistachios were once considered “green gold”. They were like finding gold, and the pistachio crops were very prosperous. They are a rich delicacy and are of the highest blessings. 


Watermelon: Self income, financial independence and financial freedom. One of the ways that watermelon became well known in historic times was the fruit was sold as a source of income to those who were needing financial independence. It means freedom and abundance. 

Also, watermelon is love. It is super sweet, and extremely juicy. It is massively big and filling. Not only that, but it is without any sourness or bitterness….it’s just completely LOVE. 


Eggplant: A happy ending, you will get what you believe. An eggplant takes on the flavor of whatever is cooked with it. Likewise, whatever you believe, think and imagine, that is what you will see as an outcome. Plus it is large and filling. A very good thing!~ 


Rollercoaster: There will be highs and lows, but you will always rise back to the top. It will be fun–an exciting adventure. It will be like being a kid at an amusement park. Full of joy, wonder, and unexpectedness. 


❤️ Poppies: An end of the warfare, beauty from the battle. After one of the wars, the gunpowder from the battlefield caused a plethora of red poppy flowers to fill the field. Poppy flowers mean the battle is ending and the beauty that you have waited for will finally be seen…



I hope you enjoyed reading some of the symbols, and I am so excited to see what God brings out for you! Stop by and check it out 🙂


Also, I now offer 3 different options on my website for receiving a prophetic treasure. There is the Personalized Prophetic Love Letters, which are like the ones on this blog but received intentionally and prophetically only for you. 


I also offer this with an audio version, so that you can enjoy the full spa experience of soaking your ear gates with the words to music that helps your heart open to receive the words to be fulfilled. 


Lastly, there is a Treasure Mapping, which is very straightforward. It clearly explains what is being promised or seen for you, and it is also based on a foundation of personally chosen prophetic symbols. 


You can see more about those services on my website here:


I love you! Have a beautiful day! 



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