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I had to let go of how I thought it would be…



Over a decade ago, I had a series of powerful encounters with God that were unlike anything I have ever seen or known before or since. During that time, God introduced me to my promise of having a true love husband from Him.


I saw a man’s face revealed when God was telling me about this promise. I also saw the most peculiar thing of my life. God showed me our souls being Divinely connected, and it was the deepest love I had ever known.


Like most people would, I took things very literal. I assumed that the man’s face that I saw was the “one” and I locked my heart on him…and him alone.


It was a man that I had gone to High School with and who I was friends with at the time. We always connected so deeply, I simply knew it was him without a doubt.


So for ten years I wrote him love letters that I saved in a box for the special moment when he loved me back. I was completely devoted to him, as though we were already married. He, however, was in love with his first love.


I basically stalked this man for over a decade, lol, and eventually he blocked me on social media. But like Cinderella staring dreamily out the window at her prince in the castle on the hill, I knew that someday he would “wake up” and see that I was the one for him.


Little did I know, that after ten years of stalking, I had it all wrong and I misunderstood what God had shown me.


It wasn’t until the past 9 months that the Lord started to reveal to me that the image of my high school friend was only symbolic of the true promise that God had connected me with.


I went through so much anger and hurt because receiving my “real” true love promise meant letting go of how I thought it would go.


I was devastated. I had a plan. Not only that, but I had dreams of how everything would look, and I thought that I had control.


However, God knows that I am a treasure hunter and I would never be satisfied if there was not a mystery to unravel. That is what He did for me. God started to leave puzzle pieces for me to put together and revealed that this missing piece had been hidden before my eyes all along.


God was asking me to let go of the man I thought it for over a decade was AND the box of love letters that I had written for him. I had saved myself from any serious relationships all this time, because I had a promise from God.


I had the love letters in such a beautiful red wooden box, and I had these dreams of how romantic the unveiling of the love letters would be. Throwing them away was like throwing away a part of my heart….at least it felt at the moment. 


I have had a few shallow relationships over the years, but for all this time I had saved my heart for the wrong one…my whole heart was saved for this true love promise and I never let anyone close to my heart. That was saved for this special soul connection from God who I would live the rest of my life loving and loving.


When I tried to throw away the box of love letters… I couldn’t do it. I put it back in my suitcase and I wept all day long. I didn’t want to let go….


After more days of being comforted by the Holy Spirit, I let go of how I always thought it would be, and I threw my beloved box of love letters in the garbage. The man I always thought was the one is now married to his childhood bride and true love…and I am still blocked by him as well LOL.


After I saw the reality of it all, I felt so humiliated and ashamed for harassing this man for all of those years. God concealed my true promised love in plain sight, and it is not until the exact perfect time, that the full picture will be seen.


I have to trust that God knows what He is doing and that He will make us fit perfectly together like a Zebra’s black and white stripes. As things come to light, I will share updates with you on this love story and how it all came together.


I will never forget this lesson on prophetic promises from God. Sometimes the person that God will reveal in a dream or vision is only a symbolic placeholder of the real thing.


God loves to surprise us and to place hidden treasures right before our eyes. Since He made this whole ministry that I have based on Isaiah 45, of Him giving hidden treasures in plain sight and unsuspecting places, it only makes sense that this love story would have been hidden right under my nose.


I am surprised that I shared this top secret stuff with you, but I am so happy that I did. You are not only my friends, but you are my family as well. You can count on me to always have your back.


I hope that sharing this helps someone uncover their own personal mystery treasure from God as well.

I am praying that reveals all the missing little pieces that make the picture complete! ❤️

Love you very much !





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