Love Letters

An Unbelievable Sight

A love letter from the Father


The wheels are in motion, My dear one, as I deliver the end of season blessings of My inexhaustible and endless supportive love. 


My promise to sustain you is like a faithful friend–a personal love gift that never ends. Move love is coming to you, dear heart, like a whimsical carousel that twirls round and round. 


Rest in My promise, beloved little one, like a child resting upon a treasured carousel horse. Listen to the lullabies of My sweet comforting words overhead, as the music of My promise soothes you from the worries that you have had. 


I will be your Strength to carry you into all that I promised to do. Stay plugged into My vows, as My power flows through your surrendered heart to touch your place of need to cause the fulfillment to come out. 


My beautiful child, hear the sound of My love support on the way to be your ever-present rescue, like the sound of hoof beats drawing closer and closer to save the day and comfort you. 


My dearest darling, stay in a place of child-like faith–where believe that nothing is impossible to place. Climb over the fog of every doubt and question, as you gaze over the spruce trees on top of the mountains. A miracle is going to emerge as I deliver a swift fulfillment of this word!


Just beyond the slight place of resistance, I will surprise you with the very best outcome that you could imagine happening. Believe it is true, until you see it happening for you! 


Enter the joy of a child receiving a gift, as you bubble up with unbridled gratitude and excitement. I will meet you beyond what you expect, as I cause you to soar over the glaciated hills and eastern gullies and cliffs. 


Look around, My loveliest one! Beauty is coming out everywhere and the season of falling in love is here. You will have a second chance to begin again, as I present you with something that you will love so much.  


The rewards for your record-breaking journey are coming out, as I cause you to scale the highest heights and walk amongst the glittering tree tops. You will effortlessly soar over the clouds, as I personally show you the high-elevation places of shimmering snowfall. 


Instead of being restricted and trapped where you are, you’ll be racing up beyond the shining stars and prancing over the rarest moon bows. With galloping wings that chase down dreams, I am opening up everything! 


This is a time when every uncertainty ends, as the music to this love song fully begins. Like a refreshing ocean wave touching the silvery clouds, everything that you have been anticipating is starting to pour out now. 


I will show up to do beyond what you expect or hope, as I present you with a one-in-a-million moment that unfolds like a captivating feature show. You will encounter an unbelievable sight, like a miracle jigsaw puzzle coming to life!



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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