Love Letters

To the Next Level and Beyond

A love letter from the Father 



Dear heart, I understand that it felt like you almost drowned, when troubles were pulling you underwater and the currents of death were gripping against your neck. That pain of that time was the worst feeling you could dare to describe–yet you must trust that things are different this time. 


Beloved child, let Me tell you this: that time that almost swept you away into a flood of heartache and incurable pain is not going to happen for you again. 


Keep your head over the water, My jewel, as you no longer allow yourself to be tethered to those times of trouble that you experienced before. Dear one, do not catastrophize this moment by what you have seen happen over and over, and do not think about a bad outcome being done. This is a clean slate to start over. 


Like a breathtaking painite gem that is formed through unbearable pressure and scolding heat beyond what is imaginable in the Earth’s mantle, the pain that you have endured that was too horrible to comprehend has been transformed as more beauty than you have ever imagined could happen. 


Although the memories still hurt like an abrasive ocean wave merging into your chest, those painful things will not come back to afflict you again. The unspeakable shattering that you have faced are now the sweetest blessings for you to taste. 


My cherished child, prepare to let that agony go, because I am taking you to where you have always dreamed to go. You are about to receive everything you have been praying for. Can you handle that, My loveliest one? 


No longer will you carry the torment of those times that brought you to your knees in sorrow. The bitterness of those painful times has been transformed into ecstatic beauty–even more than you dreamed. 


Everything that you have traveled through has been preparing you for all that you are destined to do. 


Although you were met with unfathomable grief, those hurtful times have given you tender empathy and deep compassion–so that you can carry My heart in purity to those who will travel down similar roads. 


Just as a painite gem is crowned as one of the rarest jewels of all, you are coming out of this experience as unrecognizable and more beautiful than anyone has seen before. 


I love you and My Love will never allow you to fall. Cast aside the battles that you have fought and wash away the tears hidden under your sleeves. The most uncommon blessing that you have ever seen are rising up from the veins of your deepest woundings. 


Everything is different now, My dearest darling. Come back to My vows and remember with joy all that I promised to do, as you give Me the pain that weighs so heavily upon you. 


Like shimmering painite gems that have been carried by water to a new location, I have already brought you into a time that is wondrously new to give you comfort from the afflictions. Remember this, my beloved, I will cause exceedingly good things to happen for you! 


Oh, My beautiful one, do not forget why you started. You are moving into everything you have been waiting for, and you have risked everything to see this dream promise happen. 


Don’t forget your promises, My shining one. Let’s get back to the foundation of things. I am causing you to step into real power that transforms your life as you know it, and you will see everything look just as I promised. 


My dear, this is not a time of sorrow and grief. This is a time to celebrate and get ready to receive! This chapter is so special, it is the final countdown to the fulfillment that you have dreamed to come! 


Like a vast and endless ocean, I understand that what is before you looks glorious and terrifying. Yet, you can trust me to completely cover your needs and to protect you from every undesirable thing. 


You will be wrapped in a victory that is lasting and real, as I cause you to swim in a sea of overwhelming prosperity and a love that you can really feel. I will carry you, like a toddler, in My arms and I will comfort you from every time when your pain was too hard to speak about. 


Just take a big, deep breath and forget your fears–for good. Once you get beyond the initial fear of this moment, you will see that time is the most beautiful and comforting time that you have ever known before. 


Refuse to allow those worries to stand by your side, and allow your passion for My love to melt away every resistance. Walk forward into this moment with high expectations of My ever-present supply to be there to catch you. 


My beauty, be prepared to admire the loveliness that I cover you with. I will show you how to have fun and laugh again in a whole experience!


There is so much more coming! You are leveling up to the most incomparable heights that you have ever seen. From the red to blue, you will move from the past pain into soothing relief. 


My dear, I am helping you to be who you always dreamed to be. Wonderful things are ahead, so be ready to welcome the new blessings that are falling into your hands. 


A brand-new chapter has opened up to you, as I cause your life to be filled with uncommon riches, like a plethora of painite gems illuminated in deep red. Your life will be known as one of exceptional rarity, and you will become an inspiration to so many. 


Dear heart, this is a time when unconditional love thrives more than ever, as I cause the pain that you have endured to be like a luxurious painite gem that warms the heart with smoldering beauty. You will see that everything that you feared going through again will never take place, and you will cherish this time in so many deeply gratifying ways. 


Be expecting everything and more, as I go beyond all you have hoped or asked Me for. I am going to give you beauty from all angles! I am setting a new standard of blessings for you, so that I can take you to the next level and beyond into the best you ever knew. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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