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Treasure Mapping




When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, there are very strategic plans that happen. The caterpillar spins herself into a cocoon, and then she releases a powerful “self-destruction” hormone that causes all of her body to melt inside the cocoon.


During that time, there are butterfly genes and caterpillar genes. Like turning on and off a light switch, the caterpillar turns on the imaginal discs of the “butterfly” programming and turns off the caterpillar ones.


This special way of futuristic mapping causes the caterpillar to grow into a butterfly body and no longer look like a caterpillar. 


The caterpillar grows wings and instead of being limited to the ground, she can fly into the unlimited freedom of her dreams. There is so much freedom! There is a place in the sky that is so high that only butterflies and insects can travel.


It is even higher than the birds! Being a butterfly becomes a dream come true! The best part is that everything the caterpillar needed to become a butterfly was hidden like treasure within the caterpillar.


The caterpillar was able to pull out those hidden “butterfly” treasures from within in order to give herself a blueprint of how to become a butterfly.


That is very much like what prophetic treasure mapping is. For this service, I go searching prophetically for you with the Holy Spirit to bring up your “butterfly blueprints”. 


Then I will email you the treasures that I have found so that you can start mapping by faith and belief to see it come to reality.


Unlike the personal love letters, I will clearly share with you what God has shown me, along with any symbolic treasures. It is like going beneath an iceberg to see what is hiding underneath.


The sky is the limit! A prophetic treasure mapping will give you hope and a plan to bring the change you desire to see in your life. It can also be used often because there are so many dimensions of hidden beauty within you.


To order your prophetic treasure mapping, click the link below and then be ready to see something beautiful and new flutter up to meet you!


Please allow plenty of time to receive it! This is something that needs time and prayer. 


Blessings! Love, Dannette




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