Faith Stories

Like Caviar



When God talks to me about doing the “Treasure Mapping” service, He always shows it to me as caviar. Not just any caviar, but the “beluga” caviar, which is one of the finest and richest of all. The reason for that is because the Treasure Mapping is like caviar.ย 


It is taking the promises that God has hidden deep within you and then feeding them to you as the most delectable indulgence in the smoothest and most enjoyable way.ย 


I call it “Treasure Mapping” because when I go to God to receive one, God will show me many different treasures, or “symbols” for each hidden promise that He has hidden for that unique individual. Then He gives a detailed deep prophesy for that person based on the treasure that He reveals.


It is like caviar, because it is indulging in the eggs aka promises from God before they are even close to being released in the natural realm. The treasure mapping provides a wealth of information to whomever receives one, and it will usher in an acceleration of those things being fulfilled.ย 


Like caviar, they are reserved as the richest experience and should be savored through each bite. But also, like all promises from God, they do not prosper when mixed with unbelief. So it is important to prepare yourself to trust and believe before you begin consuming these life-changing delights.


I would be honored to deliver this service to you on a silver platter as I share the treasures that God has for you in a way that will be an unforgettable experience for you to enjoy.



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