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Take Me Away….


Day after day, I have to stretch my faith to receive from God’s promise to be our “Home” and cover our room and food needs. God gave me that promise before we left for this journey. He said that He would be our Source of support, but that I had to open myself by faith to receive it. 


It was like resting in the Vine of His promise and being immersed in those words. God wanted me to not “wait” for it to come, because then I would be disconnected from what He promised. 


Rather, He wanted me to stay connected to His promise, and abide IN it, as though I have already seen the fulfillment. Because when we are waiting for something to be done, then we are disconnected from it. 


To remain connected to the promise as always being done is not easy to do…especially when it seems like I have no visible way to pay for my needs. Before I can connect to the promise that God had given me, so that the fruit can be received, I have to stretch myself to open up to it. 


That has proved to be the most challenging thing to master. Receiving is effortless, because the gift of promise has already been given. The struggle is that we need to open ourselves up to receive and then settle into that promise as already tangible…even before we can see the fruit. 


There are so many distractions that try to steal our attention from the promises that God has given. When God gives me a love letter of promise, I have to prepare myself to “get away” before I can absorb it and see it fulfilled. 


We can eat the words up, but they only prosper when we open ourselves up to the place where we are no longer “waiting” for them to come, but we become so absorbed in those words that we encounter the Presence of God causing them to feel tangible. 


That is when we “feel” the relief that it has happened, even before we see it with our eyes. That is where gratitude pours out like a water faucet because we have finally RECEIVED the promises as already done. Because when we believe that we have already received, then it is given to us. 


Honestly, I need to get away to be able to receive in such a powerful way. I have to start with music. 


Music takes us away into the dreamy place where we can meet with God. When I start to hear the music playing like a harp in my heart, then my heart beat slows, and I start to feel the peace of God’s love comforting my weary soul. 


That is why the audio love letters are so powerful. They work like an oven that warms up the atmosphere so that the food (promises) can be “cooked”… received and easily consumed. 


Every single day, when I start to feel the pressure or fear of where the next love gift of support from God will come from to cover our needs, I put on soft instrumental music as I listen to the love promises from God. 


When I do that, I am able to “get away” from my needs and troubles and go to the secret place with Jesus where the words can be received without blocks and resistance. 


The music takes us to a new place and helps tune out all the wordly distractions. It helps turn off our resistant thoughts and open our hearts to believe. 


Everything has some sort of vibrational frequency to it, even our thoughts and emotions. Fear, doubt, and negative thinking all release a very low vibration, whereas faith, hope and love release high vibrations. Love being the greatest of all. 


We cannot connect with the love filled promise when we are in a low place of negativity, fear, or doubt. That is why we have to elevate before we can really receive, to see those prayers and promises become tangible. In order to abide, we must rise up to where the vine is. It is not in a place of doubt, or lack, and especially not in criticism and judgement….


Music has been proven to increase our vibrational frequency to one of love, hope, and faith. Music calms an anxious baby and helps him to settle down and be calmed. 


There is so much power that flows when we mix the promises of God with the high frequency of musical sounds. 


The music instantly helps to turn off all the fears and doubts that block us from receiving and abiding in the promised outcome. 


I cannot even express to you how huge of a help it has been for me to listen to God’s promises with the soothing relief of high frequency music in the background. 


If you are struggling to receive, open up to believe, or even waiting for the fulfillment of what you have been promised, then I encourage you to connect the words with the power of music.


One of my favorite ways to receive a personal prophetic love letter of promise is through the Audio Love Letter Service that I offer here:


It is the most impactful way to receive the tangible outcome to my prayers and promises from God that I have ever encountered. I listen to my music love letters for hours every day, and I really believe that they have been the biggest turning point that my faith has ever discovered. 


I welcome you to try it out for yourself, and it would be an honor for me to speak your personalized prophetic words over the life-altering frequencies of prophetic music. 


Also, if you have a prayer need, I would love to help you connect to the longings. Please send me your prayer requests to:


I may not be able to always respond, given our fast-paced traveling time with God, but I can assure you that I will go into the secret place with Jesus to touch my faith to the precious details that are on your heart. 


I don’t just pray with lazily uttered words or doubt driven requests, but I enter into the fulfillment with you by faith with the boldness to believe it is already done. It in that faith-abiding place where everything will change.


I love you, 





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