Faith Stories

Removing Blockages


It was the night before we were scheduled to check out, and I was starting to panic because there seemed to be no way for us to survive another day. I had promises from God, but my fears of being stranded in an unfamiliar place started to become unbearable. 


I couldn’t understand how God would keep His promise and the “how’s” of it all was causing me to become strangled with fear, and doubt. It was choking out my faith, and that was a dangerous place to be when your life depends on a miracle.


My mind was racing back and forth, looking for any possible way that God could send us help. He promised that all we needed would be there in time, but He also told me that I needed to “get out of my mind” and “believe” in His promise. 


That was so hard to do when I was facing this cliff before me. I was under an attack from the all the fears and doubts that had been lying dormant within me. 


It was like that moment in the fire caused the snakes of “fears” and “lies” of God not honoring His promise to come out against me all at once. 


I knew I had to do something because I was falling out of faith and I didn’t want fear to rob me of receiving what God promised. I knew I needed to be DOUBTLESS and FEARLESS. 


It was all so overwhelming, and so I made this audio soaking for myself, filled to remove the blockages of fear and doubt that were keeping me from receiving. I needed a way to drink by faith, like pure milk to a baby. I needed to be calmed and soothed to trust and believe. 


Fear and doubt are like the gunk that clog a pipe and keep the water from flowing freely. Fear is the number one thing that tries to take custody of our promises. 


I have never shared this on my blog before, but this blockage removing audio soak has been a huge rescue for me so many times. I had it on my YouTube for one day, but then the Lord told me to place it on my store instead….it is that special. 


It is a ten-minute-long soothing, calming session, where I speak words that remove the blocks that keep us from receiving. 


It is based upon the revelation that God showed me with the woman with the issue of blood. 




So the more we speak lovingly to ourselves to receive and believe, the more we will actually believe without a trace of doubt to be able to receive all that is intended for us to have. This audio soaking goes beyond our minds and speaks right to the heart of things. It is effortless….just rest and receive. 


This sweet little soaking session is set to a high frequency soothing music, and it is filled with promises from God that will activate a release to receive. 


It is only $5, and it is something that I listen to several times a day to get through this journey that God has taken me on. 


The night when I recorded this, I was being strangled by fear and doubt in what God promised. But the moment I started to play the recording, I entered into a place where I BELIEVED and RECEIVED. 


That night while I was resting, the support that God promised came rushing in like a big ocean wave and I paid my room for a whole week. I paid my phone bill, and so many other needs. 


It was getting out of my mind and into the place of faith that is free from blockages, where I was able to receive what God had promised. 


The problem with many of us, is that we have things…like doubts or fears…that keep us from the place of rest and trust and believing that what God promised is done. 


This is just a really helpful tool and is my favorite “BABY” out of all the recordings that God has led me to make. 


I hope you love it just as much as I have and do! 


I love you! 






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