Love Letters

Right Before Your Eyes


A love letter from the Father. 




 I love you and have given you all things and more! I have extended you with blessings so deep and rich, that the fear of suffering for survival will completely dissipate into experiences of ease and love.  


My promises are very close to you, experience them now. Keep my vows in your mouth at all times and treasure them on the tablet of your heart. Place your trust in Me completely, you can rely on My faithful love. Cast those fears over to Me and catch the wind to rise up with faith. I lift the poor from the dust and the needy into safety from despair. 


When you ask for something that you think you do not have, you are agreeing that it isn’t there. Refuse any confession of lack and rejoice that the desire is yours to have! Begin at the end, as if your prayer has already happened. Give thanks that it has already occurred. Trust that you have received it and it will materialize into your hands. 


Think differently and feel an abundance of rain falling on your face. Saturate your mind in memories of blessings as the water lifts off the weight. What is in you will envelope what is outside of you. Draw out those things that are not yet seen to take down the negative things in the natural.  


Move the situation with your heart. Cleave to think that what you hope for is happening. It is done in the way that you believe. Enter into an agreement with all of your heart and mind. My wealth is already within you. As you believe, blessings are released like water making the clouds too heavy to hold back the rain. 


Imagine the feeling of your answered prayers and feel as if you already have it. What is true in your heart is what will reflect in your life. Be engulfed by what you desire that your gladness will be full. Anchor your thoughts in the finished work that I gave. Receive My gift from the heart and soothe your soul. 


I have opened for you a good treasure that your joy may be full. As you agree with the abundance of My life, blessings will spread out and surround you–even more than you know. I will do superabundantly more than you can hope or ask through the confidence of your prayers. Things are going to happen quickly–right before your eyes!



Written by Dannette Lynn



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