Love Letters

Never Saw Coming

A love letter from the Father.




Do not be afraid, I will lift you up out of these sorrows and your cup will never be empty again. Your reward for loyalty and trust in My words will be exceedingly immense. What you believe is what will flower in your life as what is on the inside comes out. You will flourish with the blessings of prosperity and long life. 



Continue to seek and you will find. Soak in Promises until what you think and believe is transformed like a fluttering butterfly. Call upon My song to keep you company, when worries keep you up at night. Wrap My flowering vine around your thoughts and fulfillment will bloom from within.



Ponder on My promises day and night and continue to turn My words over in your mind. Lay the distracting troubles into My care and let what I have spoken captivate your senses until it is the only truth for you. Then a special stream will continue to flow out as your cup pours over and over. 



I will manifest beauty in the midst of the darkness. Like fireflies creating illuminating pictures for you, focus on My words and see them come true. Look intently and you will draw out the desired fulfillment. The clouds of unrelenting love will swell, pouring out an abundance of provisions. 



Expand your capacity to receive by growing your perception to believe. Like a tree rooted near the bending river, you will never run dry. Daffodils of new beginnings will sprout up to reverse the age-old time and the amaranth flowers will enrich your soul with the satisfaction of unending love. No matter what you do, you will prosper. 



Although you had little before, your wealth is increasing significantly. It will be as if you are dreaming–as you bring home your harvest. You will feel deep joy as if warmed by sweet wine as you indulge in My favor. Out of the blue, blessings will happen so fast –so much that you never saw coming!. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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