Love Letters

From the Despair


A love letter from Jesus. 



Draw close to Me and you will see more than you expect. I know well your suffering and the depths of despair. It doesn’t matter who else turns their back on you. I will never leave your side, as a lifelong Friend. 


I am covering every shattered heart experience with the healing balm of My love and every sorrow will become jewels in a crown. Those afflictions that weigh heavy on your chest are being removed so that you can breathe again and you will see the kindness of My comfort instead of anguish. 


My promise to you will always stand and nothing can happen apart from what I said. Even if the entire Universe turned against you, the infinite promises of My heart will never fail to produce all that you need again and again. As you come into new experiences of the intentional pursuit of My love, those fears that have plagued you for so long will vanish into the dust.


 The drought of suffering is over and your soul can find rest again. Don’t resist the change, but abandon your heart into My care with trust and confidence. Come out of survival mode and the dread of repeated torture. It is time for you to encounter the richest blessings of your life. 


Good things are going to happen to give you refreshment instead of a disheartened spirit. You will eat from the King’s buffet and indulge in a true abundance. Instead of the crippling pain, you are being engulfed with double blessings. You will eat the wealth of the nations and boast of their riches. Many will see what I have done and come to acknowledge that you are one who I have blessed. 


The hardened piles of mud are transforming into sparkling streams of overflowing water. Your weary travels will suddenly meet pristine pools shimmering in the desert. Don’t underestimate what I will do. This deep pain is changing into restored honor and the fulfillment of your most heartfelt prayers and secret longings. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




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