Love Letters

Cast it Over


A love letter from Jesus.ย 




In the miserable acquaintance of disappointment and the pain of unresolved requests, I am here to help. Let Me take it from here and carry the rest. You canโ€™t do this all by yourself. Hold out your hand and release every need and worry, that feels so heavy. I count all of the stars within My hands, uniquely fixing their number and giving them names. Surely I can attend to every detail of your life, so relax your shoulders back and live carefree as you trust.ย 


Although you have toiled all night and felt the sting of emptiness, on the stability of My word, launch out into deep trusting-waters and prepare for a big surprise. I am abounding in love to all who look to Me and I am going to impact your life in a way that will change you forever. Getaway with Me and leave behind all of these troubles. I will fully sustain all of your needs with the utmost attentiveness as you indulge in a tranquil rest.ย 


Those fears will not happen and those who critiqued your life will see that you are My delight. I have wonderful plans to prosper you and not cause you damage. Never again will you be ashamed, but I will reveal you’re true honor. Out of the joy and goodness of My heart, I will show you a great abundance.ย 


Believe with your heart and wait for Me with expectation. I will feed you right on time with more than you can fathom. Imagine the gifts in your heart, you already have them. Anticipation is what stirs the waters of manifestation. Get ready, can you see it? What you have been hoping for will show up any minute!ย 


There is nothing impossible or beyond your grip. I love you and I will never leave you disappointed. Tremendous doors are opening for you and you will discover wealth tucked away in secret places. Have faith in Me constantly and beauty will abound and radiate into your life.ย 


Move with Me through the demonstrations that come from trusting in My love. I will look after you and My generosity will surprise you with goodness. Suddenly you will be overwhelmed with a great haul of tangible blessings. Far beyond your wildest dreams and highest hopes, I will exceed your expectations in a way that will leave you speechless.ย ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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