Love Letters

Adding Something Extra


A love letter from the Father.ย 



You have endured an extremely low place of suffering that extends beyond the sea level. Falling like a starfish onto the ocean floor, you have experienced hopeless desperation that is far lower than the turban depression. You walked through the fiery pressure of your needs and the dry flaming mountains of the battlefield–and yet you have survived it.ย 



You have drunk from the bitterness of the sea and you have collected the thorns from your feet–and still, you have chosen to trust Me despite it. Now letโ€™s watch the fog roll over as I go out of My way to reward your faith in My love and bring your dreams to pass. Iโ€™ll show up and save you My dear little one and no longer will you struggle or be pushed around.



Everything will be set right and I will order your blessings like sand-dollars lining up the vast sea bed. Those things that I have foretold are coming from the inside out and I am adding something extra to make up for the void of comfort that you have felt.ย 



I will make every good gift and blessing attract to you like water falling down to cover you with My all-consuming love. Instead of being in a sea of bitterness, you will be seen as a star of My heart. So do not weep any longer–your rescuer has come.ย 



I have drawn you close for a special moment to encounter My love. Once again you will laugh and be thrilled as you exuberantly soak up the fulfillment of My words. A complete restoration is taking place and you will have the opportunity to see added blessings.



ย I will refresh your soul from the grips of sorrow and you will be energized with My power and no longer weary. I will make sure to decorate your onward days in the most beautiful arrays of the ocean. You will be given hidden treasures from places that you did not expect and secret riches so full from the submarine storehouses of My personal love.



You will have a lot of birthdays as I outnumber your troubles with fulfilled promises! You will finally enjoy the fruit of your prayers. Watch now as I bring them close. I am instantly turning your weeping into delightful goodness for your feasting.



You will again be comforted as an unexpected change occurs to satisfy your heart with good news. I will not take your heart-broken cries lightly, therefore I will bathe you in the joy of the desire that you have been waiting to come–and I will add something extra to sow something beautiful to you and assure you of My comforting love.




Written by Dannetteย



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