Love Letters

The Fulfillment is Unavoidable


A love letter from the Father. 



The cruel and bitter wind has blown against your face day after day. It has been cold and difficult with too little comfort and too many pangs. The joy that once danced on your lips seems to have vanished like leaves that were stripped away leaving tree branches barren.


Expecting the fulfillment of this promise has been more difficult than you ever expected and more disappointing than anyone knew. Although you have fought to stand confident against the wind, the smile on your face has turned the other way like weary boughs that droop down from enduring too much snow.   


Although you cannot see it yet, this is a season of cutting away and lifting up. I am cutting away the afflictions and lifting you up so that you will expand and experience richer and finer fruit. You will soon spread out with abundant growth and those things that you have requested will be done for you. Without a doubt–it will all be better than your highest hopes!


Do not doubt My love for you. The situation is not as it appears. I am making room for a radical fulfillment of My promises of love to you. The lowliness of your life will be raised up and you will experience and instant relief as I cut away the negative situations and harmful connections.


You will be given what you have desired because you have continually returned to trust Me with determination to believe. You will increase into new freedom as I take away the troubles like the light that breaks in to penetrate with good news and air that flows with comforting relief to the tree’s crown. 


Be fully persuaded in your mind that you already have what I promised! The promise is who you are and what you are made of. My promise is vitally joined to you like tree roots absorbing fresh water.


Your roots reach deep into Me and My words have become the deepest part of your being. You will experience a new beginning, with fresh dew that saturates your life in abundance. It all started with a promise and goes far beyond anything that you have thought of!


When you see what I do, your face will shine and glisten like the morning. Yes! You will see it and it will be just as I said. The fulfillment is unavoidable, so let Me take care of your worries. Soak up My loving support and just be held as I lift you up and cut away the troubles. 




Written by Dannette


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