Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 



Don’t give up now, this promise is coming to the surface. I want you to know that I have been training your heart and mind to receive and embrace what I have promised.


My love has given you freedom from limitations. Like the ocean water that forever flows, you have unlimited resources at all times. I will always keep My word and deliver what I promised.


Let’s turn this thing around now. Lift your thoughts out of the despairing place that those undesirable circumstances have kept you in. I am bringing the long-awaited fulfillment as My glory bursts out within you to bring a beautiful birth. 


Choose to progress through faith and let go of the emotions of worry. Return your attention to My words as you settle and calm your nerves from all of the tension. Surrender into the promise, despite how it looks. As you continue to trust this, My promise will emerge and be better than you expect.


 You are not a victim of the troubling environment–I give you My word. Disconnect from the negative circumstances. Draw the promise to you as you feel like what I promised is already yours. Open your heart and give thanks beforehand. 


Practice believing that the promise has already arrived as you connect to your promise and become it. Take your attention off the anxious emotions that cause you to feel separated from what I have spoken. 


When you are afraid, just move into an inward place and dream about the promise coming to life–and before you are aware–the dream will become tangible in your hands. 


Abundance cannot share the same space as lack, just as faith cannot occupy fearful thinking. Be committed to My promise and refuse a negative thought. Keep your thoughts positive and no longer be divided by issues of trust.


Begin to realize that it is already done. My promise is alive and active within you–ready to be fulfilled as you receive it as the only truth. Step into Me with confidence that I will do as I have said. 


Remember that I am opening to you stored-up wealth so that I can keep My covenant word. Never be afraid for any reason, My promise of love never fails and it endures all things without weakening. It is good to get excited because I have beautified you with My words–so flawless! 


You’ll be floored with a head to toe restoration from My rainy blessings. Abundant riches from the sea will pour straight into your hands and camels shall come bringing far-off treasures of My luxurious care. 


I will show up to deliver this love gift with a sudden surprise that you didn’t see coming and you will encounter double deposits of My supportive goodness–every single day–for a lifetime.  




Written by Dannette 



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