Love Letters

Blooming into Bigger

A love letter from the Father



Darling child, I have heard your cries and I have accepted your prayers. Remember how deeply I know you and trust in how much I care. I know what you are thinking at all times and I know the dreams that dance before your eyes. 


I know your plans even when they are only a thought and you must remember that I am always helping you along. I am always with you–as an Ever-Present help and I will show up to be all that you need in every single moment. 


I have protected you all around and I have orchestrated your steps to align with the fulfillment of every promise. Keep moving by faith with sureness in your path. Trust that I am right beside you and holding your hand.


Even when you are all alone, I am with you. Don’t be afraid, I will keep you from falling. It is only those who never move who should worry–because they are missing out on the beauty that blooms beyond a comfort zone. 


Your faith is like a seed that is growing fervently. It grows and grows and grows in the place where it was received. However, holding back in fear is like growing a seed in too small of a space. 


The roots eventually grow in circles, with no room to spread out and receive the nutrients of the soil. Let go of the limitations and stretch your roots to expand and believe in the depths of My unlimited provisions. 


Don’t fear, I am right here. I am a very present and well-proved help in trouble. I’ll uphold you with My loving-kindness and refill you generously with My Kingdom riches. You’ll overflow and pour out to others–even in this time of unrelenting warfare. 


There is no such thing as a loss when living by faith. Despite how it may look, there will only be gains. I will reward you with far more than you can dream and I will deliver beyond what you can pray. 


I am causing your losses to be a place of even greater blessings, like a flower that has been topped. When the top is cut off of a flower, it causes the flower to put all of its energy into growing a new flower instead of making seeds. 


The new bloom becomes even bigger and better than before. Like an instant and exceedingly large growth, I will cause you to be adorned with superabundantly more. 


There are no more limits–so keep growing by faith. You are blooming into bigger and better than in the past place. Where it looks like there was loss will be revealed as an open tap of refilling. 


I am providing you a soul-relieving rest in My riches and comforting you with My encouraging presence. You’ll spread out into maximum blessings and you’ll take over the wide-open places where you left the self–safety of stagnant resistance.


You are blooming into bigger. Prepare to see an endless filling regardless of every situation. You’ll always be blessed with more and your reputation will expand with respect and honor. 


I will reveal you as one who has been deeply loved by Me and I will always be with you as your ever-supportive Father and source of endless blessings. 




Scribed by Dannette

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