Love Letters

Before the Curtain Rises

A love letter from the Father


Beloved friend, this is the bridge that you have been waiting to cross, and no longer will you need to wait for what seemed like a lifetime. Like curtains in the sky of luminous ripples of emerald light, the attacks against you have been reversed into multiplied blessings. 


Just as the northern lights are formed by the atmosphere being assailed by solar winds, every curse that was spoken against you has become the place where My beauty pours out with sheer magnificence. 


Behold, My loveliest one, see the undulating waves of rainbow colors beaming down. The green and red lights dance across the sky, as those things intended to hurt you become the place where your greatest days are opened up. 


Just as the earth’s magnetic fields protect you from the impact of besieging solar winds, My power is Sovereign for you, and you will only see blessings from here on in. 


The negativity that was directed towards you has been exchanged into the magnificent beauty of dreams coming true. The disturbances that were plotted against you, has caused this time to be electric for Me to bless and beautify you.


Prepare to be lifted high, like snow drifts that pile up to the sky. This is the place where My Divine love steps in to reveal who you are under the banner of My honorable curtain. 


Even in the midst of so many attacks, I am going to cause you to feast on My favor and love. This is not the end of the path, My dear one, rather this is where this love dance truly begins. 


Like the shimmering lights of the Aroura Borealis swaying through the night sky, I will adorn your world with My spectacular help, as I cause My blessings to float past your eyes. 


My saving grace will dance over your needs, as I mysteriously adorn your life with a whispering swish. I will cause My goodness to pass before you in captivating ways, like a shimmering curtain of glory loosely brushing over your face. 


Dear heart, I am opening up a truckload of indulgent riches that were hidden in a place that you have not known. I will personally move before you to open up barricaded doors, and I will make a way for you to cross over into all that you have been eagerly waiting for. 


I have chosen you for this, My beloved one, and no man has the power to take you down. I am giving you an honorable place and not disgrace, and I am raising the curtain to all that I foretold would take place. 


Let’s soar away into the night, My dearest darling, as we dance with the Northern lights that glisten through the darkness. Flow with Me as you relax into being carefree in My love and watch how the shooting stars begin to fall into your hands. 


I will take care of all of your needs, so leave your worries with Me, dear one. It is time to dream higher than the Ionosphere, as you trust Me to do so much more than you have prayed. 


My dear little child, even in the face of persecution, you have kept My words close to your heart. Even through the times of suffering and hardship, you have never denied My love. 


Therefore, I am going to remarkable lengths to show you the tangible beauty that you have been longing to see. Like witnessing the spectacular shimmering curtains in the sky, this will be one of the best moments that you have ever seen. 


All of a sudden, I will cause a promised door to open up. I am taking you into a position that no man can take away, and you will be one who is honored to speak the truth of My glorious ways. 


My dear, I am going to parade you in My beauty, as I lead you through the triumph of all that I promised you would see. I am giving much more than what you have been dreaming of, as I reveal the trembling curtains of My all-powerful light and undefeatable love. 


I will light up the night, as I cause your beautiful stage to come alive with brightness. I will reveal you as Mine, as the radiance of My favor surrounds the audience who have been anticipating the start of this appearance. 


Before the curtain rises up, I am giving you an up close to encounter My ever-intentional love. I will cause My power to electrically transform you in a matter of seconds. It will be so much more than you have hoped, as I cause your dreams to be fulfilled like wondrous lights that reach toward heaven. 


This will be a sight that will fill your eyes with wonders too incredible to describe. There will be no better way for Me to say, ‘I love you’ than this prismatic expression of My illuminated words coming to fruition. 


It will be the kind of love that you didn’t know that you would need, as I fill you with the immensity of all that I promised it would be. Like an indescribable curtain of pale-green and rose-pink, I will cause you to touch the bottom-edge of this breathtaking dream. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward



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