Love Letters

Embrace This Season of Comeback

A love letter from the Father 


Rest, My beloved one, here in My arms. There is no reason to be troubled over the uncertain seeming conditions threatening to be done. My promise to you is an unbreakable bond, where never-ending beauty and prosperity consistently pour out. 


There is no need to panic over negative outcomes coming out or fear the possibility of bad things to come right now. I am right here, and I will keep you safe and sound with indulgent comforts to keep you happy and warm. 


Dear heart, I will protect you and all that matters to your heart. Everything will be just as you hope! You won’t be given over to your fears, rather you’ll rest peacefully through the night without a worry or upsetting fear of tragedy being done. 


My love for you is a force stronger than the shifting of tectonic plates, and My support for your life is an unstoppable river where continuous streams of new comforts flow to set you up right. 


Treasure this moment, My dearest darling. I am making up for the bitter hard times with exceedingly rich sweet surprises. This is the season of the comeback, where I cause you to receive hidden sources of wealth and upraised comforts at last. 


I will cause the tides of blessings to fold over you, so that I can soothe you with My love all over again. Together will explore the shimmering larimar jewels in the inky velvet ocean. 


I will show you the beauty of this moment, as I set you adrift into what you have been longing to come. The waves will reveal the lullaby of My calming embrace, and I will wrap you in the stability of feeling protected and safe. 


Like a synchronized dance of fluid movement, I will reveal the perfect harmony of My love gifts being delivered to carry you through this. 


I will show you the depths of hidden beauty that you didn’t see before, and I will surprise you with more than you were ready for. So many secret treasures will unfold under the blackened sky of night, as I cause My comforting provisions to flow in as fast as the tides. 


Lovely child, there are very special gifts that I have prepared for this time, and they have been hidden before you in the open. Like a penguin who is camouflaged in the water, there is so much more that I have for you than what you have thought or considered! 


Like penguins that perfectly blend into the ocean, there are indulgent hidden blessings that I have prepared for this season. Their black backs are invisible under the dark seawater, and from underneath they are a shade of white that is concealed by the bright sunlight shining down. 


My dear, make room to receive the bliss of this time, like a penguin that spins and spreads its flippers before plunging off of a glacier. Expand into faith, like the white downy feathers of a penguin that trap air to form an impenetrable barrier to the frigid, icy waters. 


Beloved one, do not count out the majesty of My power right now. I will move the mountains that block your path, and I will flip the icebergs on their heads to reveal the more beauty than you have ever had. 


I am going to cause you to prosper immensely through this time, that seems like such an inhospitable environment to survive. I will show you how good My love vows can be, as I fulfill your hopes into something to truly embrace. 


Like sweet decadent chocolate that melts in your mouth, each indulgent gift of comfort will arrive like a treasure that is just the right size for an extra rich moment. 


Like shimmering gold on the bottom of the world, the movement of My miracle-surprises cannot be counted or fathomed. I am moving in ways that you cannot see, to cause every moment to come out perfectly. 


My beauty, lean into this moment, and get excited for what will happen! Like a black and white penguin always in movement, there is no end to the surprises that I am going to deliver. 


I will cause you to behold the astonishing beauty of the psychedelic blue icebergs, and I will ladle your hands with glittering sapphires.  


Imagine your dreams coming out into the open, without the worries of more sorrows to be facing. I will surely rub your heart raw with unfathomable allurement, as the secret sources of My stored away riches are fully uncovered and brought into the open. 


What I am doing during this time will change everything that you have known. This is the season of your comeback, where the sweetness of My tangible promise replaces the bitterness that you have had.


You’ll swoop through this time to scoop up shimmering diamonds. I will cause you to be adorned in mesmerizing beauty, as you rainbow through the waves like a swift swimming penguin. 


My prosperous gifts will make the transition to land, and they will arrive so fittingly into your hands. You’ll rest upon the power of My unbreakable promise, as I lavishly bless in you in a time that seemed impossible to get over. 


Your hands will be filled with decade old riches that bubble up like melted ice under the polar sunbeams. 


My indulgent surprises will continue to come, until your life is completely turned around to look exactly like what you have dreamed about. This is not the end, My loveliest one, this is the beginning of an epic comeback. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward


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