Love Letters

It Will Be Love At First Sight

A love letter from the Father 


Take a deep breath, My dear one. Relax your shoulders from the heavy weight that you have been carrying. I understand that it has taken all of your strength to get through this time, and it was so much harder than you ever realized. 


Yet I am bringing good news to you, My darling child. I will give you comforting relief from being so humbled and afflicted for such a long time. I am giving you reprieve from the disastrous conditions that you have endured, and I will take the heavy load off of your shoulders, so that you do not have to carry it anymore. 


Although you have feared defeat and more sorrows, I am proclaiming a release from those restrictions and troubles. You are stepping into the freedom of an awakened dream, as I take you to a place where you can lovingly receive comforts from Me. 


Oh, My precious little one, I am the Lord over your situation, and I am abounding in riches that you have never even thought about. How much more will your fulfillment and reinstatement be, as you are spoon-fed from the rich indulgence of My very desire to make you feel better. 


I have heard your prayers, and I am sending help. When you see what I have in store for you now, it will ease your mind and lift your heart. You’ll be laughing with joy as this goodness arrives, and it will be clearly evident that I have been with you all of this time. 


I am wiping away every attack that has been against you, and My rage is being unleashed over your enemies that have attempted to hurt you. You are My chosen child, and I love you so much! 


Instead of scraping to get by with barely enough, I am going to do a wondrous miracle to bring you far beyond what you need at this moment. 


Although you had so little before, I am causing you to increase with more and more. Even what you receive will be multiplied abundantly, because I have favored you to receive blessings wherever you turn and at every moment. 


I have been secretly preparing everything, through My unfathomable and untraceable ways. There is much, much more than there seems for you to prosper and flourish!


I will help you, My beautiful one, as I cause you to receive blessings from the sweet richness of king crabs venturing to the surface and right to your hands. You’ll receive the riches of secret places, as I comfort you from the devastating hardships that you have had. 


Beloved, know that I would never leave you helpless or abandoned. Cherish the hope and the Divine guarantee of this promise. Be confident in your favor from Me as you prepare to see ‘approved’ on all that you seek. 


You will receive layers upon layers of love support from Me, as I give you the treasures that are found on the shallow places of the mysterious ocean. Like costly king crabs that dwell in the soft sand in the low-level waters, I will cause you to receive uncommon amounts of wealth at this unexpected place that doesn’t seem possible. 


A blessing has been placed over your life, and I have commanded you to receive both riches and honor. My hand of power and might is opening up what cannot be done by your own strength. 


Like finding super colossal king crabs unmatched in size and weight, I will load you with the tranquility and prosperity of a dream, and you’ll spend all day gathering these lavish gifts from Me! 


Several doors are opening up to bless you, as we pick up hidden riches in from the cold seas of the Northern Hemisphere. From the Bering Sea, to the Gulf of Alaska, and to Japan–you will take in a hoard of secret blessings that I have pre-planned. 


Although it may seem like you are outnumbered by needs and troubles, I have drawn you to the edge of the water to cause you to collect the hidden plunder. 


An endless amount of waves will lap onto the shore, to fill you with the secret caches of wealth that I have stored. You will be blanketed by the opulence of a glittering blue crystalline, as I whisk you away to build shimmering diamond castles in a far away land.


Like exclusively receiving costly king crab, the best that money can buy, I am taking your experience to the next level. I will cause you to immensely prosper in the low tide.


You will have the most sought-after answer to your heartfelt prayers, like receiving an overnight delivery of king crabs that are prized above all. You will see the reflection of My royal love at this moment, as I deliver you indulgent red king crabs with pointy crowns and crimson cloaks. 


Prepare to be amazed, as the sun and water cause your life to sparkle like diamonds. It will be a marvelous sight of seashells and gems, as I deliver this very fond and memorable experience. 


You will see My face smiling over you during this season, as the pristine sea mirrors the cumulus clouds pouring out Sovereign provisions. King crabs of hidden riches will rise out of the sea, to give you the most lucrative catch that you have seen in a very long time. 


My dear, you just never know when this surprise will appear, as you await the bottom-dwelling treasures to come near. Be watching for My indulgent gifts to arrive. I assure you that this will truly be a delight!


 I will take away the sorrows that you have felt burdened with–as I bring out hidden riches from the cold sea waters–delivered right to your door overnight. It will be love at first sight, when you see how I deliver the perfect tradeoff before your eyes.



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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