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Built Upon the Rock

Just before God took me on this journey of seeing promises fulfilled, He gave me an extremely vivid encounter. I was in this house that had “the Vine” running through it as support.

Out of nowhere, a tornado came and the winds were so strong that everything in my life was being blown around. I had these two promises from God that looked like paper currency, and I was holding them as hard as I could against my forehead so that they would not blow away.

It was a vicious storm, where the wind beat against the house and the home was being slammed by wind and raging waves.

After the storm passed through, God brought out my fulfilled promises and the sun was shining down again. The air was full of joy and peace, and there were no more dangers coming against my life. Only the promises remained, and all my troubles were gone.

He showed me that I would go through this hardship as a “storm” that would test my promises and test my faith as genuine. The thing is, when we lay our whole life on what God has promised, there is nothing that can take those promises away.

The winds will try to rip everything away, but when we build our entire lives on the Rock of all that Jesus promised, that love will remain. Many waters cannot drown love.

It has been a week since I last posted an update. At that time, I was exhausted from being bashed by the storm, and I was barely hanging on. It was so much harder than anything I had ever known, and the storm was raging against everything I had ever believed from God.

By nothing short of a miracle, we have stayed at the same place where we landed a week ago. However, there have been so many threats of danger. I met one man who had been kicked out, after staying for 2 weeks, because the hotels do not want anyone homeless staying with them.

There were days when I didn’t know how I would cover the room or where God would send us His promised help for food. Yet God has managed to deliver what we needed, despite this storm that has been trying to take us out.

All week, God has been giving me promises of His lavish support that would come to take us to the next place, and at the same time I had to use every last penny to cover our room this morning….yet I will believe the promise over the appearance of having nothing.

I have to block out all the fears that we would not survive, and I have to press God’s promises into my thoughts like concrete. I have to stay elevated with thoughts of faith and not allow doubt to blow these promises out of my hands.

Anyone who claims to not have their faith and promises tested with such a thing, is most likely not built upon the real rock of Jesus. They are not real….because those promises will be tested in the most opposite conditions until they are fulfilled.

If you have a true promise from God, you can expect there to be major opposition. You can expect to walk through something that looks completely opposite, as the winds try to beat against your house. It is causing your faith to come out as gold. You are not being punished…that is what witchcraft tries to suggest.

Even if things do not look like God has promised you. Keep holding those promises in your heart and thoughts like flint. Because once the storm passes and your faith has been tested thoroughly to be genuine and real…then you see the double rainbow emerge with your promises fully fulfilled.

We never know when the storm will end and when the rainbow will begin. Yet, from what God has been showing me lately, the rainbow of fulfillment will come out of the blue and a time that you wouldn’t even believe could be true.

Be expecting the unexpected—and never lose hope—no matter how hard the storm blows against what you have been promised. In the meantime, we will keep building up our castles of hope, love, and faith on the rock of all God has promised. 👑

I love you so much!


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And the rain fell, and the floods and torrents came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.

Mathew 7:25

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